Thursday, January 21

Elche signings gain ground

Diego González, during last Saturday’s game against Levante.
Manuel Bruque / EFE

The late rise of Elche forced to build the new squad for the First Division against the clock and with the season underway. In the end they came 14 additions, but the Elche team had to start the League with the base of last season and with most of the players who achieved promotion.

Almirón has been assembling the team little by little and the new incorporations are joining the eleven holder progressively. In last Saturday’s match against Levante, the franjiverde coach initially lined up six of the players who have arrived this season: Antonio Barragán, Diego González, Iván Marcone, Raúl Guti, Tete Morente and Lucas Boyé, which means the most high in the eight games of the League of the franjiverdes.

Raul Guti, the most expensive signing in history for which the club from Elche paid five million to Zaragoza, has been a starter from the first moment and except for the match against Celta that started on the bench, in all the games he has been in the eleven initial. The young Aragonese footballer is making his debut in the First Division, but he is growing more and more and his performance improves as the competition progresses.

Tete Morente it also came before the start of the League. Elche paid 500,000 euros so that he could leave Malaga. It was a bet of the sports commission led by Nico Rodríguez and, despite the fact that he had never played in the League of Stars, he is being one of the most outstanding. With the exception of the matches against Valencia and Betis, due to some discomfort that he dragged in the pubis, he is being a regular in the alignments.

Antonio Barragan e Ivan Marcone they landed at the Martínez Valero to contribute their experience to a team with many newcomers in the highest category. Since the first game, both have been fixed for Almirón and they have not missed any match, always being in the starting team.

The right-back was without a team and has been able to adapt to the position of center back in the back row that Almirón has been using. Against Levante he already played in his natural position and must improve his contribution.

The case of the Argentine was an express request of the coach, endorsed by Bragarnik. He came on loan from Boca Juniors, but with a mandatory purchase option of five million dollars that would become effective when he played five games and that he fulfilled against Levante. The owner of Elche used this formula to make more flexible and take advantage of the salary limit of 34.6 million that Elche has. In this way, those 4.2 million euros can be amortized before the control of LaLiga in four years, since it will sign until 2024.

The front Lucas Boyé He has also been fixed in the starting eleven since his arrival and has always played except against Valencia due to some inconvenience. The Argentine “9” is enjoying the continuity that he did not have at Celta, in his first experience in Spain. He has a goal and brings a lot of work.

The last of the signings that has made a hole in the starting eleven has been the central Diego Gonzalez, who signed after the market deadline to be free after leaving Malaga. The Cadiz defender has started against Celta and Levante and they have many options to continue on Saturday against Cádiz.

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