Thursday, December 9

Elche wants to change its course

The Argentine forward also did not play a minute in the last match. The coach said yesterday that there were some doubtful footballers due to blows, so the decision on Piatti must be technical and based on the forward’s slim complexion and petite size.

Escribá will continue in its tonic and will not repeat eleven. Ownership is very changing in this Elche, as is the game system. The technician offers zero clues to guess your starting teams. Even more so on this day. «This week cReo that is the most complicated eleven that I have had so far. There is no one ruled out, but there are people who ended up with blows the other day. And it is not the same to have everyone who does not. Above, with a trip outside. It is also true that the breadth of the workforce allows us to manage our efforts a little more and make some rotation or change in places where we believe that the team will not notice it so much ».

Several changes are expected in Elche this afternoon. To defend against the stakes of Alavés, very powerful from set pieces, a very physical team that arrives with very high morale after its first victory away from home, Escribá can form with a defense of three centrals in which Lucas Verdú, Pedro Bigas and Enzo Roco. On the sides, Johan Mojica seems fixed on the left, and Josan could enter on the right, although his more offensive character may reserve him for the second half and return ownership to Helibelton Palacios.

In the goal, due to its greater size and the intense practice of the game above the Basques, the coach will continue to bet, very predictably, on Kiko Casilla.

In the center of the field there can be many variants. Ivan Marcone could return, summoned again, although Omar Mascarell, Raúl Guti and Fidel are the players the coach is counting on the most. On the other hand, he could rest some of them and do rotations including Pastore or Gumbau again, but it seems unlikely. Upstairs you have a guaranteed place, except for physical discomfort, Lucas Boyé. At his side, the author of the 2-2 against Espanyol, Benedetto, will probably play, or Pere Milla could even have a chance. Guido Carrillo is the best from above, a virtue that Lucas Pérez also treasures. Both are called up and could dress short from the start.

This is the game of the week. This is Elche’s league, not next Saturday against Real Madrid. Last year a creditable draw was achieved, but those of the meringues are not points to which you aspire first.

For its part, Alavés will seek to get out of the descent with all its weapons. Javier Calleja has the entire squad and will put an eleven similar to that of Cádiz.

Just one more clash in First, with a victory from Elche by 0 to 2

There are precedents, and many, but Alavés-Elche in the First Division has only happened once, last season. Then, the franjiverdes got the victory. Day 6 of LaLiga Santander. 0-2 with goals from Pere Milla and Tete Morente. The Blue and Whites returned the coin later, on their visit to Martínez Valero, with the same score, but against the people of Elche. Now faces are seen again in the highest category (Medizorroza, tomorrow 7 pm).

The Alavés-Elche duel has been much more typical of the Second Division, where it has been repeated 12 times in each field. Of the twelve clashes at the Mendizorroza soccer field, the local team has achieved four victories in this category, by two for the franjiverde team. There have also been six draws, the most frequent result between the two clubs.

Going to the current situation of both teams, the equality is also notorious. Elche has a certain advantage over the Basque team, but the Blue and Whites have one game less. In 10 days, the people of Elche have achieved 10 points, one per game. In 9 days, Alavés has only carried 6, but of two victories worked. One of this last day, the first at home, against Cádiz (0-2) and another against Atlético de Madrid (1-0).

Write during the press conference prior to today’s game against Alavés. information VICENTELÓPEZDELTELLV.LD

Write: «Alavés has improved a lot and is a very physical and powerful team from set pieces»

Fran Escribá explained yesterday how Elche is planning today’s game: «We think about winning against an opponent who has improved; He started very badly and has achieved a great victory against the LaLiga champion and the other day he won in Cádiz… He has a coach and squad to improve and get out of relegation. In our head is trying to make the most of our chances to win.

The coach raises as a strategy “to defend away from our goal and be dominant”


Alavés is «a very physical and powerful team from set pieces. He beat Atlético like this. He has some fast and skilled players, but mainly they are more physical, so we must try to defend away from our goal, be dominant, that as many things happen in the opposite field. And defend the set piece strong ».

Regarding the last clash between the two teams (0-2 at Martínez Valero), the coach stressed that it was our worst game of last season since I started training. We are alert so that if they try to do the same, they have to think about how to counteract it ».

The double hammer

The two goals in two minutes of the last match were very painful, but “our careers have put us in front of this type of game many times, for and against. Those two blows left us very touched for 10-15 minutes. But then the team reacted well, drew and could have even ended up winning. The footballer is used to this type of thing and knows those situations in football occur and you have to overcome. Now, to think on the positive side. The team did a very good first half and reacted well to those two blows and ended up in the opposite field and with chances of winning. We must focus these readings on tomorrow’s game, “said Escribá.

On the other hand, Escribá did not see bad faith in the celebration of Benedetto dedicating his last goal to the non-called Marcone. “Hopefully I dedicate 25 to him this season. It seems great to me that the scorer celebrates the goal with his family, with his friends or with whoever he wants. But I say the same thing again: I make my decisions thinking about the team. I will make mistakes along the way but I only think that the team wins, and on that I make my choice of the 23 that are called up and the starting eleven. And the rest already know what they have to do: keep working for when they are chosen.

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