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Elche wants to sell 20,000 season tickets

The Elche wants to reach or even exceed 20,000 season tickets. Your president, Joaquin Buitrago, was optimistic yesterday after the Government’s decision to eliminate capacity restrictions in football stadiums. Buitrago made these statements during the signing of the sponsorship agreement with the CEO of Grupo Inmobiliario TM, Pablo Serna.

Thursday’s announcement by the Minister of Health on the back to normal in the stands, «In principle, it came to all of us with great satisfaction. But it is also true that it was announced in a very generic way and it is necessary to specify if there are going to be any kind of limitations. If the seated or standing shows are distinguished, if we will carry out some kind of anti-covid protocol … and we will also have to abide by what the CC AAs say. The idea is to return to a total normality but we still have to see a little the points and commas that we have to put … ».

Buitrago specified that “the news itself is very good. At least it improves our first expectations, which were 50%, and we hope that if the capacity is not full it will be as high as possible. This new situation clarifies us to a great extent, a lot, our season of fertilizers, “he remarked.

Elche has the campaign «quite studied and outlined and we were a bit waiting to see that long-awaited news that emerged on Thursday ». For this reason, according to Buitrago, “very soon”, fans will be able to know more specific things about the season ticket campaign, from prices to discounts that “will be made” to members who paid their season tickets and were not able to attend meetings. “We have to launch it in the next few days. Rice sticks to us. We can’t delay because LaLiga starts in mid-August. Sooner rather than later we will have the campaign on the street », he concluded.

Regarding the budget limit, Buitrago said that “LaLiga has not sent it to us yet and it will also be slightly modified by yesterday’s announcement from the Government. The topics related to advertising revenue were already outlined, but now there will be new revenue from tickets … ». Anyway, “I don’t expect big changes compared to last season, at most 1, 2 or 3 million more. Nor do we have to worry because an expensive template is not synonymous with sure success. We have seen it this year.

45 million: The budget, 1 to 3 million more than the previous

Buitrago affirms that he “does not” expect “great changes in terms of the budget limit set by LaLiga.”

Elche has been able to stay 40 days ago. There has been no transfer, but “time is not wasting. It is working continuously by the sports management in continuous contacts. Yes it is true that many days have passed. People would like reinforcements to arrive in two weeks, but it is nothing different from what other clubs do. Those of Primera not announcing signings every day, the news comes with a dropper ». According to Buitrago, Elche has this «work quite advanced and outlined. We are waiting for the Eurocopa and Copa América to end and the market will begin to move more. It is when the agents begin to initiate the contacts. Right now, the economic pretensions are a bit above the market and the budget limits are what there are. Even the big clubs have difficulties. Imagine the little ones. There is currently a trade-off between the claims and the possibilities of the clubs. Soon we will have a presentation of players at the Martínez Valero ».

The president of Elche hopes “to have above the 20,000 subscribers. That is the number that I mark. We do perceive that there are many people who want to subscribe. That feeling does exist, but then it has to materialize. I would be quite satisfied with that figure. We have gone through a very difficult economic situation and the street is as it is. Soccer consumption is one of the cheapest and guarantees a show every 15 days. We are optimistic.

Club and Grupo TM plan their expansion in America

The real estate company increases its sponsorship by 15% and has already invested almost 2 million

The support of Real Estate Group TM It is one of the benchmarks of Elche. Both entities yesterday showed their satisfaction with the impact that their collaboration is having on both brands. «We hope to expand this impact that football, our League, has in the rest of the world, starting with South America and the United States. The pandemic stopped our expansive project but we will resume it soon “, explained the general director of TM, Pablo Serna, who assured that there are initiatives” to take advantage of the fact that we are in the real estate and hotel market of Mexico, for example. Also to take advantage of whate Bragarnik He is Argentine and that Elche has several South American players. In turn, both entities want to promote marketing actions through LaLiga representative offices in America. “The health situation did not allow us to start this project that we will soon resume to continue growing together.”

For his part, Joaquín Buitrago stressed that “TM is our main sponsor, the most visible. It is almost in the family. And we must thank him because he has been in the most difficult recent moments, in Second B, with much less visibility.

Buitrago stressed that “in this time we have grown and so has Grupo TM, which is an international benchmark. We try to give you visibility in the world of football that TM rewards with the quality of its products. We are in the sweet moments and we thank you for continuing to accompany us on this journey that we hope will last.

Serna revealed that this year the sponsorship will be 15% higher. “It was a commitment made with the promotion. It will be the sixth season of collaboration. Right now I remember when we were called by the mayor of Elche because the club was risking its salvation … », remarked the director of the group. «And TM began to contribute to the Elche project. The commitment is for one more year. In these six seasons, TM has invested close to two million euros in Elche. And we hope that our relationship will last a long time, ”Serna declared.

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