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Elche will ask to expand two institutes after exceeding 5,500 FP students

Students from a training cycle in Elche, in file image.  |

Students of a training cycle in Elche, in file image. |

The Consell’s commitment to Vocational training, with a increase of places For this course, it has been reciprocated in Elche, where the 5,500 students enrolled in FP cycles have been reached for the first time, which is about 300 more than last year, as reported by the Department of Education that directs Maria Jose Martinez.

The increase in enrollment in FP was one of the issues that were addressed in the municipal school council that for the first time had to be held online. In it, María José Martínez gave an account of the increase in Vocational Training students, which is due, in a way, to the increased supply of cycles that this course has been incorporated into the Elche centers.

Specifically, the mayor of Education highlighted the implementation of the upper cycle of sales management and commercial spaces at IES Severo Ochoa; that of Hospitality Management at the IES Tirant lo Blanc, and one more pattern and fashion which is being taught at IES Sixto Marco. El Severo Ochoa also offers the innovative specialization course in cybersecurity in information technology environments.

The City Council works to provide Severo Ochoa and Tirant lo Blanc with more classrooms for Vocational Training

“VET continues to grow in Elche and the offer is increasing and more complete,” said the Councilor for Education who announced that on November 26 the Municipal Council of Vocational Training will be held in which the general director is expected to participate. of FP, Manuel Gomicia.

The impulse that Vocational Training is taking in Elche leads the City Council to plan the increasing the capacity of educational centers. In this sense, and despite the fact that the new IES Vicente Verdú is under construction, which in addition to ESO and Baccalaureate, is scheduled to host two training cycles linked to the food sector, and to relieve the IES La Torreta from the Department of Education intend to request the expansion of two institutes in order to increase the offer of Vocational Training in Elche.

Specifically, the mayor of Education advanced that the twelve projects that are currently included in the Building PlanOthers will follow, and among them are already the extensions of the Tirant lo Blanc and Severo Ochoa institutes. The intention is to provide these two institutes with new classrooms in which vocational training cycles are taught, taking into account the increase in demand for places that is being registered in the city.

The new IES Vicente Verdú will offer two training cycles related to the food sector

Specifically, Maria Jose Martinez He assured that “Edificant’s balance sheet is that Elche is working hard and well, in coordination with the Ministry and this plan is already a reality that is contributing to a major improvement in educational infrastructures in the municipality.” For this reason, the mayor announced that “we continue working to incorporate new projects into the plan. This is the case of the Music Conservatory, the expansion of the Severo Ochoa IES, a new children’s classroom at López Orozco, a dining room for the Virgen de La Asunción CEIP and a classroom for the Tirant lo Blanc IES ».

In this way, the intention of the City of Elche is to continue making use of the Building Plan, if the Ministry of Education maintains it for the next few years, to improve the facilities of the schools and increase the capacity of the institutes in order to expand the offer of Vocational Training studies, which is increasingly in demand among young people from Elche.

They promote an educational action protocol in the face of bad weather

The objective is to define with which phenomena classes are suspended or access to courtyards is limited

The educational centers of Elche will have in a few months a emergency protocol In order to establish the measures to be adopted in each center when meteorological phenomena occur that may affect the correct operation of the center. It is an initiative of the Department of Education that will be sent to each educational center, so that the centers make their contributions to the protocol before it is finally approved and put into operation.

The Councilor for Education, María José Martínez, explained that “we are working on a draft proposal that will be sent to the management of the educational centers to collect suggestions about the protocol to follow at the time when a meteorological phenomenon is approaching where they are triggered the alarms.

The municipal Minister of Education acknowledged that “in these cases it usually happens that there is uncertainty about whether the educational facilities will be closed and the objective is to establish an action protocol.”

The objective is to agree when it is considered appropriate to suspend classes, or, for example, if it is necessary to prevent access to the schoolyard for students, or the closure of school areas with a large number of palm trees in case of strong gusts of winds.

When the draft is completed, it must be approved by the Municipal School Council and subsequently by the Local Government Board of the City Council.

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