Wednesday, October 20

Elche will have three new commercial areas to the northwest that total more than 200,000 m2

Specifically, one of the lands that is in the process of being transformed is the E-33 sector, of 110,000 square meters, which is located northwest of the urban area of ​​Elche, in the polygon of Carrús, next to the Don Crispín municipal nursery school. To the north it adjoins Almansa street and to the south with Sax street. The building on this plot would mean completing the urban fabric. The set of lands that make up the sector is made up of industrial warehouses and empty fields.

In July, the local government board has given the green light to different reports to develop the sector, such as the draft of the Partial Plan that prepares the land to convert it into solar, guaranteeing access to infrastructure and public services developed later with the corresponding building project.

Another of the enclaves that are being processed in the City Council to be able to open commercial surfaces in the near future is the E-32 sector, which adjoins the 340 national road to the south, next to Crevillent avenue and belongs to the rural area of Llano de San José, an area dominated by isolated single-family homes, also adjacent with Peña de Las Águilas. According to the documentation provided by the developers, the sector has an area of ​​38,000 square meters that has remained undeveloped within a commercial and industrial environment, opposite the El Sauce shopping center.

The interest in opening medium-sized surfaces and leisure centers is also palpable in the eastern part of the municipality


Crevillent Avenue

The General Plan order these lands in detail, by means of two blocks. The north will be an area for the facilities area, and the south will be for green areas and establishments. The objective of the partial plan presented by the promoters of the initiative to the City Council It is to consolidate the area, continuing with the demanded commercial use, for which it is intended to improve the quality of the sector’s facilities, as well as to guarantee a correct connection with the existing infrastructures.

Once this document is definitively approved, the drafting and approval of an urbanization project will be carried out that defines the constructive characteristics of the urbanization works to be carried out in the spaces and the building project for the development of the planned buildings, with its Mandatory obtaining of a building license.

The government team It also gave the green light in July to the request presented by the promoters to develop this enclave and sent to the municipal technical services the starting document for sector E-32 of the General Plan, which contains a draft partial plan and the initial strategic document for the issuance of the strategic territorial and environmental report.

And finally, the other great sector that could take off as soon as you get all urban permits is E-10, next to the one previously described. It is about lands that add up to 114,000 square meters, delimited by Peña de Las Águilas, Llano de San José, the Los Arcos ravine and the E-32 sector. Traditionally the existing uses in the land were those destined to irrigated crops and fruit trees along with other agricultural exploitations. Currently, in addition to the aforementioned crops and farms, we find single-family homes, and industrial buildings.

The partial plan that have been presented to the City Council allows the creation of a single block for industrial and tertiary use, open, that admits the use of several commercial establishments with larger surfaces than those currently proposed according to the ordinance of the Current General Plan.

At the beginning of July, the local executive approved submitting the draft of the partial plan to public consultation so that the process to develop this ambitious project can continue to advance. The creation of these commercial areas, which are in the process of obtaining the pertinent permits, adds to the expansion that is also taking place to the east of Elche, where there are several projects under study to open medium-sized surfaces and leisure centers, the most advanced and pending to build It is that of Martínez Valero.

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