Friday, January 21

Elche will shield 20th century architecture with heritage value to prevent its demolition

“Conservation will be determined by the sectoral legislation that has a local interest for its protection. To do this, buildings must meet technical criteria “, explains the mayor of Urbanism, Ana Arab, who clarifies that, if the updated catalog had been available, it would be necessary to see if the Almacenes Parreño building would have complied with the conditions for it to be shielded. “What is clear is that at the time they asked for the license it had no protection and we looked at the file with a magnifying glass to do what was legally appropriate and unfortunately what proceeded in this case was to grant the demolition permit,” acknowledges the mayor of the area.

And it is that, with the future municipal catalog to protect new constructions, municipal technicians will have to contribute a wide memory with documentary analysis, of the territory, interviews with experts, an exhaustive justifying and normative memory.

The current document is out of date, it is from 1998, and since then there are buildings that have disappeared


Likewise, the objective of this initiative is preserve the civil and military historical and archaeological heritage of the Civil War, the chimneys industrial type built of brick before 1940, the lime kilns, the ancients windmills and veterans watermills, go rsun eyes prior to the 20th century, the fish markets and communal halls prior to the 19th century, exterior ceramic panels prior to 1940, the religious architecture including traditional calvaries that are autonomously conceived as such, as well as the decorative elements and movable property directly related to the patrimonial asset to be protected.

Natural heritage, such as protected natural spaces, cataloged wetlands, trees and bird conservation areas, will also receive special attention in this document that is being prepared by the City Council.


The current catalog of protected assets is from 1998 and since then some of the buildings included have disappeared or have been replaced or modified. In addition, various modifications of the same have been processed, as well as other partial scope catalogs accompanying files such as the Special Protection Plan of Plaça de Baix, the Castellar Walls Special Plan or the Clot de Galvany Special Plan.

The City Council recognizes that it is obsolete given the time that has elapsed since the approval of the current catalog and its lack of adaptation to the current legislative framework, as well as the modifications to it that have occurred. Among the shortcomings that the current one has, it does not include references to the palm grove orchards, declared a World Heritage Site in 2000, nor does it include files on archaeological sites.

Commitment: Green light before the end of the mandate

The municipal commitment is to have the catalog of protections approved before the term ends in 2023. What they have done now is to put out a very brief report on what they intend to do for public consultation. After collecting contributions (the Institut d’Estudis Comarcals, Elche Singular, the Paleontological Museum, the Association of Friends of Sundials, the Association of Friends of the Southern Wetlands and individuals) Urban Planning has to prepare a strategic document to continue with processing.

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