Saturday, October 16

Elda adheres to the Resistir Plan that includes 1.2 million in direct aid for SMEs and the self-employed

The extraordinary and urgent plenary session held this Monday morning.

The extraordinary and urgent plenary session held this Monday morning.

The Plenary session of the Elda City Council has unanimously approved this morning to adhere to the Resist Plan, which includes Parenthesis Aid for the sectors most affected by the restrictions caused by the pandemic. Specifically, SMEs and self-employed Eldenses will receive 1.2 million euros in direct aid, which will be provided by the Generalitat Valenciana, the Provincial Council and the City Council of Elda.

The Municipal Plenary has agreed to accept the aid and commit to contribute its percentage of the Parenthesis Aid, which amounts to 184.323 euros. In addition, the local government will streamline all the procedures as much as possible so that direct aid reaches SMEs, freelancers and businesses that can benefit from them as quickly as possible.

The sectors that can apply for these grants are: accommodation services (hotels and hostels), food and beverage services (bars, cafes, restaurants, catering), travel agencies, tour operators and reservation services, creative, artistic and shows (performing arts and show rooms) and sports, recreational and entertainment activities such as gyms, sports facility management, recreational parks.

During the plenary session, the mayor of Economic Development, Industry and Employment, Silvia Ibanez, has ensured that “From the first moment of this unprecedented health crisis, the local government has focused its political action on implementing various measures and aid for our companies and for our neighbors. Last year we mobilized more than 2 million euros and now we continue to adhere to this plan. We have supported, and we will continue to do so, our neighbors, local businesses and our SMEs and companies ”.

It should be remembered that the Elda City Council, in addition to the aid to SMEs, freelancers and businesses approved in 2020, has suspended the payment of the terrace tax to the hotel industry since the declaration of the first state of alarm, in March 2020, and throughout the year 2021.

Parenthesis Grants have a total of 160 million euros which will be managed by the consistories and which cover the four sectors most affected by the latest restrictions. The program includes a direct aid of 2,000 euros for each self-employed or micro-business, which will be increased by an additional 200 euros per employee under their care. These aid will be used to cover current expenses of business activity from April 2020, that is, from the start of the pandemic. Companies may not exceed 10 workers to apply for this aid, so the maximum is set at 4,000 euros.

The sectors that may benefit from these aids are the retail trade of food products, textile products and other products; hotels, tourist accommodation and travel agencies; hotels, restaurants and nightlife; creative, artistic and entertainment activities; and sports, recreational and entertainment activities.

The Resistir Plan involves the mobilization of 380 million euros and includes, in addition to the Parenthesis Grants (160 million), other employment aid (105 million euros to offset Social Security contributions and payments), financing lines from the IVF (100 million euros) and aid to sectors in sustained losses (15 million euros for leisure companies, crafts and parties).

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