Friday, July 30

Elda begins the preparation of a strategic plan for 2030

The presentation of the Elda 2030 Strategic Plan to the media at the Footwear Museum.

The presentation of the Elda 2030 Strategic Plan to the media at the Footwear Museum.

The mayor of Elda, Ruben Alfaro, has presented this Tuesday morning the lines of work for the elaboration of the Elda 2030 Strategic Plan. In the meeting held in the Footwear Museum with the media, the technicians of the Elda City Council who are going to develop the plan together with the Councilor for the Presidency, José Antonio Amat.

The objective that the PSOE-EU government team pursues through this instrument is to define the future of the city to lay the foundations on which to develop the projects that will configure the new urban model of the capital of Medio Vinalopó. The lack of direction is one of the great problems of the municipality and the socialist government team wants to reverse a structural burden that has been maintained for decades. For this, the so-called «Elda 2030 Strategic Plan». An instrument that aims to respond to the challenges facing the city based on the model of sustainable and integrated urban development. This path has its axis in the current diagnosis of Elda and is based on the objectives, principles and values ​​that govern modern society and the reflection process that has begun in recent years, by the United Nations, questioning urban development of the XXI century.

The Rubén Alfaro executive seeks to conceive a city model in a consensual way with the rest of the public institutions, political forces, social and economic agents, neighborhood associations and educational, cultural, sports and festive entities of the town. At the same time, it tries to define the real measures to achieve the planned objectives and, to this end, a joint, coordinated and transversal action is envisaged in a process that will be led by the City Council, and in which the participation of the School will be essential. University of Labor Relations of Elda and the rest of the training centers and institutions.

Reflection process

There are five objectives pursued by the Elda 2030 Plan: to open the reflection process on the city model what the elders want; analyze the reality of the municipality and its options for the future; set the work priorities for the coming years in order to have a competitive system; improve the financing and management of the resources currently available and achieve a model of sustainable and inclusive development, building a city in which all Elders have a voice and vote and feel fully represented.

The coordination of the planning process will be carried out from the Office of the Strategic Plan, dependent on the Department of the Presidency directed by José Antonio Amat, following the guidelines of the experts who will be in charge of directing the different areas of intervention. The mission of this office is to coordinate its methodological and participatory process and provide technical support to the different works. Taking into account the development axes on which the future of the city is founded, based on the Agenda 2030, the participatory function will be implemented, as has been advanced by the City Council itself, through specific work groups for each field of intervention.


In the same way as in the Footwear industry, of which the city is a national and international benchmark, the “Pattern” is the base on which the final product is based, the working groups will determine the “Patterns” on which the actions will subsequently be sustained. strategies that are assumed. In addition, for each of the tables the figure of a technical director has been foreseen, whose profile corresponds to that of professionals of recognized prestige, who will be responsible for directing and coordinating the analysis and prospective work carried out.

The aforementioned strategic “Patterns” will determine the bases on which to lay the future of the city of Elda, exploiting its strengths and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the market and the environment of greatest influence, as well as acting on the points that are currently weakest and pose the greatest threat. And all this in order to strengthen the strategic position as the capital of the Medio Vinalopó region, the nerve center of the footwear industry for its entrepreneurship, creativity, research and know-how in the sector and host city. But, according to municipal officials, in all the actions that are carried out, the opinion of the public will be taken into account. They do not want to neglect the priority goal, which is the protection of people and the elderly to improve their quality of life.

The socialist government does not want this strategic plan to be yet another document that is drawn up and is not fulfilled. To avoid this, the projects that emanate from their respective work tables will be executed as they are approved and economically consigned.

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