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Elda modernizes its industrial estates as a pole of industrial attraction

Aerial view of the Campo Alto industrial estate, the main industrial area of ​​Elda.

Aerial view of the Campo Alto industrial estate, the main industrial area of ​​Elda.

The Elda City Council’s commitment to polygons industrial of the city has been translated into important investments with the aim of modernize Y expand your facilities and infrastructures. In the last two years, more than 1.1 million euros have been allocated to undertake improvements, both in the accesses to the industrial areas and in the provision of services.

In the case of the Campo Alto polygon, the main industrial area of ​​the city, built in 1985 and with 220 companies installed, received in 2019 a investment of 756,000 euros for the replacement of lighting, renovation of sidewalks, pavement and replacement of trees, pre-installation of fiber optics, installation of surveillance cameras and electric car charging points.

In addition, the Elda Town Hall will invest in the next months 408,000 euros in the improvement, modernization and provision of infrastructures and services in industrial estates. The Generalitat Valenciana, through the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE), subsidizes these actions with more than 337,000 euros from the budget for the year 2021, while the Elda City Council contributes the rest.

The grants awarded are distributed among the three industrial estates of Cook: for Campo Alto, 165,000 euros, for Finca Lacy 112,400 euros and for Torreta-Río 60,000 euros.

The Department of Sustainable Public Services will carry out between the months of May and December 2021 the renovation of public lighting, installation of surveillance cameras connected to the Local Police, the replacement of traffic signs and street identification.

In the case of Campo Alto, along with these actions, it will also invest in the improvement and creation of green areas, fitting out of wider roads, new entrances and parking areas. In addition, actions will also be carried out diffusion Y promotion, such as the launch of an informative website for each of the three industrial estates.

All the actions are aimed at promoting Elda’s industrial estates, but also at adapting them to spaces that conform to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), such as improving accessibility, sustainability and the efficiency energetic.

Basic Industrial Areas

On the other hand, each of the three industrial estates (Campo Alto, Finca Lacy and Torreta-Río) They have been classified by the Generalitat as a Basic Industrial Area. This classification is the first step towards the declaration of advanced industrial areas.

Photo Finca Lacy.

The Councilor for Economic Development, Industry and Employment, Silvia Ibáñez, has assured that «Cook It has more than 1.2 million m2 of industrial land and, in addition, we have approved an extension of more than 600,000 m2 so that new industries are installed in our municipality. All the steps that the local government is taking are aimed at improving infrastructures and accesses and promoting the attraction of new companies, which are potential generators of employment ”.

Thus, he stressed that “we are going to continue working on the organization of management entities or local energy communities, because they are some of the actions that will help growth and diversification of the industrial fabric of Elda».

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