Sunday, October 17

Elda prepares the Blue Pavilion of the sports center to start the mass vaccination of teachers from all over the region on Thursday

The mayor of Elda and those responsible for the health area and IFA in the pavilion where the vaccination will be carried out.

The mayor of Elda and those responsible for the health area and IFA in the pavilion where the vaccination will be carried out.

The Elda Town Hall has already installed all the device in the Blue Pavilion of the sports center for mass vaccination of teachers and staff of the Middle and Upper Vinalopó educational centers, which will begin next Thursday, March 18 in the afternoon. The mayor of Elda, Ruben Alfaro, has visited the facilities this Saturday and has announced the details of the assembly, accompanied by the manager of the Elda Health Area, Vicenta Tortosa, as well as the director of Primary Care, Mila Cucarella, and the director of Public Health, Francisco Albertos, together with the medical director of the Hospital de Elda, Juana Requena, and the general director of the Institución Ferial Alicantina (IFA), Esther Guilabert , as explained by municipal sources.

The first mayor explained that from the moment the City Council knew that a mass vaccination campaign was going to be carried out in the town, it was at the disposal of the Ministry of Health “to offer them all our resources and also a facility like this one, which meets all the safety and space requirements to carry out a mass vaccination.” Alfaro stressed that the device has been prepared “in record time and we have had the collaboration of IFA, which has been in charge of setting up the points where the vaccines will be administered ”.

The Elda mass vaccination point, through which about 4,500 teachers and administrative and service personnel from educational centers throughout the region will pass, has a reception and triage area, seven boxes for the administration of the vaccine and a large waiting area, as well as an area for the preparation of vaccines and resuscitation in case of emergency. In addition, the changing rooms and rooms of this pavilion are available to all staff to house and guard the material. The pavilion has two exits: one for people who have left their car in the space set up in the adjacent dirt field to house 200 vehicles and another for those who are going to walk.

Rubén Alfaro has pointed out that “on March 13, 2020 we announced the closure of all the facilities and all the activity and today, just one year later, this facility, planned and built in record time, is a monument to hope and supposes the beginning of the end”. For her part, Vicenta Tortosa thanked the Elda City Council “for the collaboration and for making these facilities available to us. The truth is that Elda has set the bar very high with the launch of this vaccination point ”.

Also, Mila Cucarella has indicated that “it is very difficult to prepare a space like this, which is not sanitary, to host a vaccination of this magnitude and the truth is that it meets all the conditions.” And on the part of IFA, Esther Guilabert stressed that “collaborating with the Elda City Council in the assembly of this vaccination point has been a very positive experience and, in addition, it has served as a test bed for the assemblies that we will carry out in next weeks in Ciudad de la Luz and in IFA’s own facilities ”.

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