Tuesday, January 25

Elda teaches three summer courses at the University of Alicante

The University Venue of Elda has presented this morning at a press conference its program of Summer Courses of the University of Alicante, some courses that this year celebrate 20 years of their inception under the Rafael Altarmira brand and 10 years in the University Venues. The presentation had the interventions of the director of the Secretariat of University Extension of the UA, Larissa Timofeeva, the Councilor for Relations with Universities, Beloved Navalon, and the Headquarters Director, Rosario Navalón.

The Elda Headquarters will teach three summer courses: ‘Women and sports’, ‘Creative writing’ and ‘Debate league training’, as detailed by the Headquarters director. Rosario Navalón has stated that “This complicated and difficult academic year will end, to the joy of all, with several totally face-to-face training activities. In all of them, the University Headquarters has the collaboration of CEFIRE of Elda, with which a close relationship of cooperation and mutual support is maintained, which allows offering training of great interest and excellent level to the teaching staff of Elda and neighboring towns “. Larissa Timofeeva highlighted in her speech that “This edition marks the 10th anniversary of the start of the Summer Courses under the Rafael brand Altamira at the UA university headquarters. The spirit of university extension consists in bringing knowledge closer to society; and the 16 courses of this 2021 promoted by the venues represent that fit between the university work and the formative demand of the municipalities “.

For this reason, Timofeeva thanked the “generosity and involvement of the director of the Elda Headquarters and City Council, for their effort to offer these three courses of great interest and totally face-to-face”. For his part, councilor Amado Navalón has commented that for the Elda City Council “It is a pride to be able to contribute to the development of society through the dissemination and training of the University Headquarters”. The mayor has highlighted that “The headquarters always try to work on cross-cutting issues related to civic values. In fact, it has been done since the first summer course in 2016, which under the title ESO en Femenino, was dedicated to the creation of materials for ESO, from a gender perspective to work in secondary school, also by the hand of CEFIRE . This commitment and service to the territory to the educational community of Vinalopó, which we also see in the courses of this 2020-2021 academic year, is a confirmation that we want to maintain in the future ”.

This year, two of the proposed courses will have academic recognition from the University of Alicante with ECTS credits for those enrolled and also with certification for the teaching staff who attend by CEFIRE. All training actions will take place in the Shoe Museum and will be carried out in compliance with the COVID-19 measures that are still in force.

The program will begin on Wednesday, June 23 with the DEBATE LEAGUE TRAINING WORKSHOP. This proposal aims to launch a debate group in the secondary schools of Elda, perhaps the seed for a future debate league in the city. Aimed at secondary and high school teachers, the workshop will take place on June 23, 28 and 29 in the morning and has the support of the Elda Cefire. The following proposal will arrive on June 30 with the course WOMAN IN SPORTS that addresses a cross-cutting issue of maximum value for society in general. Promoting the visibility and equal opportunities of women is a necessary task that must be constant and that, despite the progress made, continues to be of absolute validity.

It is in the field of sports that the difference between the sexes and the social and cultural difficulties that still prevail in our environment are most evident. In this context, it is essential to know how the main sports institutions are working on the issue, from the COE to sports federations, through foundations and professional clubs. But it is also important to know how work is being done to create small teams, to raise awareness and train university teachers and coaches, and how the school adapts to the needs of promoting and developing women’s sport. The course will be held on June 30, July 1 and 2, aimed at active primary and secondary teachers (enrollment and certification through CEFIRE). Students of degrees related to education and sport, people interested in this subject who may come from the field of sport in all areas: clubs, associations or sociocultural animation and the general public that is attracted to education in values ​​through sports and physical activity.

It will be offered with a symbolic price of € 20 for the recognition of 1.6 ECTS and will be free for teachers registered in CEFIRE (destined for non-university educational centers and on the job market of the Valencian Community).

The practical course of CREATIVE WRITING This year’s Summer Courses program will close, a course that will be taught from July 12 to 16, in accordance with the educational law and related to the promotion of teaching creativity. Carles Cortés and Gemma Pascual, author and author with a prolific literary career, will be in charge of imparting this intensive training in which they will share materials and literary models in order for the attendees to be able to finish the course with a short elaborate narration. The two official languages, Spanish and Valencian, will be present in the course, both in the materials provided, as well as in the language of the students’ creation texts.

It is an introductory course to creative writing techniques, focused on fictional narrative, although open to any type of prose text. The essential features that make up the stories will be reviewed, based on examples from other authors, to put their writing into practice. The course, of 20 hours and 2 ECTS, will be held from July 12 to 16 in the morning. It is aimed at people interested in getting started in the creative writing processes in prose and who have a fondness for reading. The registration fee is also symbolic, € 20 and free for CEFIRE teachers.


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