Friday, October 15

Elda, Villena, Petrer and Pinoso monopolize the investment of the Consell

The Pinoso City Council has been claiming the Southwest Round for years to avoid the passage of trucks through the urban area.  |  ÁXEL ÁLVAREZ

The Pinoso City Council has been claiming the Southwest Round for years to avoid the passage of trucks through the urban area. | ÁXEL ÁLVAREZ

The budget of the Generalitat Valenciana for the year 2021 will allow the towns of Elda, Villena, Petrer Y Pinoso develop the most expensive actions in the regions of the High and Middle Vinalopó. In the economic advance of the Consell 5.3 million euros are expected to be allocated to Pinoso – three million next year and the rest in 2022 – to undertake the Southwest Round that will prevent heavy traffic from the marble quarries from crossing the urban area. For the construction management, 270,000 euros have been allocated to be distributed in the next two years. Pinoso will also receive 173,000 euros for the installation of the irrigation pipes for the Júcar-Vinalopó post-transfer from the El Toscar de Monóvar reservoir. Likewise, the Mancomunidad de la Vid y el Mármol, which includes the towns of Pinoso, Algueña, la Romana and Hondón de los Frailes, will be able to put into operation the nursing home with a budget injection of 1.7 million euros in 2021. Construction was completed in 2007 but it was not until the end of 2019 that the contract with the concessionaire was signed to open the nursing home located in Pinoso.

For Petrer, the Ministry of Health has included in its accounts the expansion of the Petrer 2 health center. It has set aside 600,000 euros for next year out of a total budget of around three million. The rest, about 2.4 million euros, has been scheduled to be included in the budgets for 2022. It will involve the complete reform of the existing 991-square-meter center and an approximate expansion of 1,760 square meters to cover some 16,000 residents and neighbors of the population. A municipality that will also receive from the Consell in the next annuity 1.5 million of the 12.5 million that the new Azorín institute will cost. It will have a constructed area of ​​almost 5,000 square meters, it will have 24 ESO classrooms and 8 high school classrooms as well as a cafeteria and gym.

The investments of the Generalitat Valenciana in Elda will reach 20 million euros. The Social Services area is allocated 2.1 million and 15 million to carry out all kinds of reforms and improvements in 20 educational centers through the Edificant Plan. But the highest amounts are those that contemplate the construction of the medical office in the Virgen de la Cabeza neighborhood, whose final draft of the project has increased its cost by 450,000 euros based on the proposed improvements, reaching 2,350,000 euros, of which there are 1,140,000 euros set for next year. The rehabilitation of the El Catí nursing home, whose works began months ago, has recorded the largest social investment with 5,307,518 euros, of which 2.5 million will be invested in 2021 and the rest in 2022.

Villena is the other municipality of Alto y Medio Vinalopó that will receive the greatest economic contribution from the Consell in the next annuity. The budget project contemplates an investment of 13 million euros for the capital of Alto Vinalopó for the construction of the new Palace of Justice in the San Francisco neighborhood. For the year 2021, the Generalitat has consigned an item of 425,000 euros that will continue in the following two annuities with 6.6 million for 2022 and another 6.6 million for 2023.

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