Friday, December 3

Elda’s aid to NGOs triples in 8 years to reach € 445,000

Mayor Rubén Alfaro, accompanied by the Councilor for Social Welfare, Alba García, has summoned the representatives of the four entities to the City Council to sign the agreements. “This signature reflects our commitment to helping the people and families of our city and the unity of all the actors involved in this work,” he said. Representing the NGOs and associations have been present Ismael Estevan, president of the Red Cross; Víctor Manuel Collados, director of Cáritas Diocesanas; Carolina Galiana, president of Fesord, and Andrés Molina, the founder and head of Amfi, the Association for the Social and Labor Integration of People with Physical and Sensory Disabilities

“I want to thank from my heart the work that these organizations and groups carry out, a gratitude that, as I said last year, is more intense than ever due to the social and economic crisis caused by the pandemic. The local government has made a very clear commitment to supporting vulnerable people and groups and the increase in aid has allowed us to continue alongside the families of Elde who have suffered the most and are suffering from the health crisis ”, Alfaro highlighted, adding that“ It is true that the situation has improved significantly, but despite this we cannot lower our guard because, as the representatives of the different NGOs will now be able to explain to you, there are still many families that have financial problems to cover basic needs. In this sense, these entities play a fundamental role as a transmission belt for the social policies drawn up by the local government.

Funds and programs

Of the total amount, the Red Cross will obtain the highest amount. Specifically, 334,236 euros for its social emergency center and programs aimed at older people, emergency intervention, volunteering and training, inclusive leisure for minors, psychosocial care for families and help with basic needs as well as urgent aid derived from the pandemic.

Cáritas Diocesanas will receive 83,559 euros from the City Council that it will allocate to training actions for social inclusion, psychological support for the Emmaus project, support programs for the maintenance of habitual housing for vulnerable groups, urgent wallet payments and the “Solidarity Cards” program aimed at people and families in a situation of social exclusion affected by the pandemic.

Amfi, for its part, will have a municipal subsidy of 13,588 euros for the maintenance of the Technical Office of Accessibility, awareness campaigns on the rights and duties of people with disabilities, the school awareness activity on functional diversity, «experience »The difficulties that a person with a disability may have and those other activities proposed by the IMSSE and aimed at the same end.

Finally, Fesord will have 13,588 euros to promote the municipal decentralization of specific services aimed at the care of deaf people, facilitate the removal of communication barriers that affect deaf people, promote the social and associative initiative of this group, ensure for the correct implementation of sign language in municipal institutions and the social mediation service.

A social fund that reaches 1,246 residents

The Elda City Council, through the IMSSE, allocated nearly one million euros in 2020 to aid to assist 1,246 people. Five aid packages were launched, with a final contribution of 986,148 euros that allowed to serve 526 families. An amount that exceeded double the amount allocated to social assistance in 2019 as a result of the effects of the pandemic.

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