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Elda’s footwear and handbags strike is below the prepandemic months for the first time

The latest unemployment data in Elda for the month of June, provided a few days ago by the Public Service of State Employment (SEPE), reveal that the unemployment figures in the sector of footwear and leather goods Eldenses are already below the months prior to the pandemic. In June, the number of footwear workers registered in the unemployment offices in Cook It was 1,142, a figure that is already lower than that of February 2020, when it amounted to 1,165 unemployed and unemployed.

Graph on the evolution of unemployment in Elda between April 2020 and June 2021. ELDA CITY COUNCIL

As of March 2020, as a result of the health crisis, unemployment in footwear and leather goods It peaked a month later (1,405 unemployed in April) and remained above 1,300 people until September 2020, starting thereafter a progressive recovery of employment in the sector. The interannual data (from June 2020 to June 2021) reflects a decrease in unemployment of 13.4%, a percentage that rises to 18.71% taking April 2020 as a reference. Another sector that has suffered the ups and downs of the pandemic has been the hostelry, which, although it continues to register unemployment figures above the usual, is recovering little by little. In June, the number of unemployed in this sector was 642, adding four consecutive months of casualties. Thus, of the 729 unemployed and unemployed registered in January and February 2021, they have dropped to 642 in June. From January to June 2021, the decrease in unemployment in the hotel industry was 11.9% and, although it is already lower than the April 2020 figures, it is still above the data prior to the pandemic.

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Lowest figure since April 2020

Altogether, the total number of unemployed and unemployed in Elda rises to 6,190 people, the lowest figure since April 2020 when 6,368 people were unemployed. The worst month was August 2020, with 6,531 unemployed. Silvia Ibáñez, Councilor for Economic Development, Industry and Employment, has stated that “The data is positive, especially in the footwear industry. The economic reactivation in this sector is evident and this has contributed to the clearing of threats such as the increase in tariffs by the United States “. However, the mayor recalled that “Other economic sectors in our city continue to have problems, such as the hotel industry, which is gradually recovering activity. The financial aid launched by the Public Administrations, such as the City Council, the Generalitat and the Provincial Council, have made it possible to cushion the effects of the health crisis. For this reason, from the Elda City Council, through Idelsa, we are going to continue offering incentives to businesses in our city to consolidate the recovery ”.

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