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Eldense Amat Amer brings to bookstores his “Exciting History of Footwear”

The honorary director of the Elda Shoe Museum, José María Amat Amer

The honorary director of the Elda Shoe Museum, José María Amat Amer

The founder and honorary director of the Elda Footwear Museum, José María Amat Amer, has put the book “The exciting History of Footwear” on sale this week on Amazon. A journey through history, customs, design or technology by the Footwear Museum. “A reference and dissemination book with hundreds of color photographs and published in a larger format”, according to the author himself.

The passionate History of Footwear is an illustrated story that describes one of the most important accessories and through the history of humanity, use and customs. On this occasion, taking a tour of the rooms of the Elda Footwear Museum and discovering not only the history of the shoe but also the history of design, the technology to manufacture footwear and other novel and unique aspects that this important museum offers.

“The evolution of footwear in the world occurs in very similar terms from one continent to another. In Spain, this important industry is also created starting from handicrafts and custom shoemakers. The importance of the large USMC machinery industry revolutionized the shoe industry “, explains Amat Amer. In the pages of the book the development and transformation of sewing machines is discovered, as well as the evolution of the rest of the machines for manufacturing footwear. Also the development and work of the wooden last, with a set of machinery for the manufacture of the last that is unique in the world, contributed by the oldest manufacturing industry of last in Spain in the third part of the 19th century.

The history of footwear is graphically described by means of reproductions of shoes from all eras and styles and in parallel with the history of human customs to this day. “Shoes with History” shows us the footwear of characters who have excelled in the world of culture, the arts or sports, among others. Shoes corresponding to the evolution of customs in the Continents: African, Asian, American, Australian and European. Traditions that are reflected in footwear (China, Japan, India, among many other countries in all Continents). “Footwear in sports” also shows the incredible development of the sports shoe to this day. Professional, military footwear or footwear for special jobs will complete this interesting section. The collection of shoes worn by the women who were awarded the award for “Best Woman Footwear in Spain” shows us the shoes worn by the feet of women who wore fashion of footwear, an award that has been awarded every year since 1999. Incredible collections of shoes that “left their mark” testify to the way in which very beautiful shoes were made by hand and using the basic utensils of the “chair shoemakers “.

Likewise, footwear design is present through world-renowned designers, where the different times and styles of the moment are observed. Shoes awarded in international competitions. The “Golden Pencil” award where the aggressive ability of young international designers is appreciated and whose award-winning shoes and models date from 1984 to the present. “The shoe and its evolution” show the variations in fashion from the last centuries: the appearance of the stiletto heel or platforms for men and women, are some of the examples, in addition to the proliferation of new materials that are influencing that changing fashion: shoes for masks made with recycled footwear. Miniatures in footwear and last carving are part of the multiple variants that make up the history of fashion and footwear. Finally, with the history of the “Shoemakers Guilds in Europe”, information is provided on the privileges with which the shoemaker groups of the old continent were distinguished. Pantographs, gauges, works of art related to footwear, are some of the sections that complete This journey through the History of Footwear The exciting History of Footwear as presented in this book, includes hundreds of color photographs that recreate different times and styles, to bring us closer to a world of contrasts in footwear which, due to the beauty of designs, it is very difficult to abstract.

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