Tuesday, January 18

Eldense get promotion to the Second RFEF

Since the 2016/2017 season Eldense found his bones in the Third Division and, worse still, with the daunting image at the national level after the events that occurred, those from Medio Vinalopó were looking for a long-awaited promotion. And what better way to do it than at home, in the last match and against a rival who had the same goal in mind: a point in Elda made both locals and Alzira happy. The goalless draw amounted to both.

The sunny afternoon invited to live a meeting between two rivals who, being respective champions in their groups, would end up playing the last bullet of direct promotion to a card. A letter with some insurance, yes.

As you know, two do not fight if one does not want to. And in the case of the duel in the New Pepico Amat, Eldense and Alzira struggled knowing that the distribution of points took them both out of the ordeal of the Third Division. With said prolegomena and full house (within Health restrictions), the two teams were exchanging timid possessions in the first minutes and regulating efforts in those first actions of the game.

Something more of interest to look for the visiting area proposed the Eldense, who in a couple of long actions had to intervene to anticipate the forwards to the goal Pawel. Thus a nondescript start went by with no more history than what the stands could offer environmentally, although even in this the bite of who is playing the quarters at this point was lacking.

Local domain

The locals took control over the minutes with the dominance of the game against an Alzira who proposed the role of a well-established rival behind and with hardly any space left to attempts to find the area of ​​the Ribera complex.

The passing of the minutes was giving way to a game without excessive vigor and where neither one nor the other chose to bleed the opposite. Thus the first half was shelved, with a great ovation from the fans as a farewell.

In the stands, at times unrelated to what was happening on the pitch, the songs of one and the other gave some color to the duel, in a kind of brotherhood between two hobbies that wanted to add the necessary spice to the game.

Even so, the second half did not pick up speed, although the locals continued to dominate the game and the fans only looked at the scoreboard, in which the number of minutes seemed not to advance towards the long-awaited 90.

Final joy

In the battle of the hobbies, the Alzira was involved with greater zeal in the second half while the Eldense back did not stop sounding the hype.

Without actions of excessive danger on the table of the Nuevo Pepico Amat, the two fans gave free rein to their long-awaited celebration with the final whistle of Cánovas Villarrubia. The party moved from the stands to the grass, where both teams together with their fans merged the Blaugrana into one.

One and the other mingled at the Pepico Amat synthetic with a party that the locals would end up transferring to the Eldense roundabout, released months ago and that has already been able, in a short time, to experience its first great joy, the first of many that hopes to host for Deportivo fans.

The promotion to Second RFEF allows the Eldense to take a leap and not fail in a key year, that of the restructuring of Spanish football and, above all, to recover the memory of the great holidays in the club’s history, extinguished in recent years . The Eldense sees the light in the form of ascent.


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