Monday, October 25

Eldenses will choose between the 12 places that choose to be free Wi-Fi points

The councilors of Citizen Participation and Modernization, Javier Rivera and Jesús Sellés.

The councilors of Citizen Participation and Modernization, Javier Rivera and Jesús Sellés.

The City Council of Elda, through the Councils for Modernization and Citizen Participation, will open in the coming days a participation process so that Elders can choose the public squares where open and free Wi-Fi will be installed.

The councilors of Modernization, Jesus Sellés, and Citizen Participation, Javier Rivera, have presented this morning an initiative that aims to “Improve the communication capacity and access to information of citizens. From the City Council of Elda we accessed the European WiFi4EU fund, a program to promote free access for citizens to Wi-Fi connectivity in public spaces ”, has indicated Sellés.

The mayor of Modernization has explained that “The bond that the European Union has granted to Elda has an amount of 15,000 euros and, In order to maximize its utility, the local government has opted for the installation of this free Wi-Fi network to be in parks and open-air public spaces in our city, spaces that are even more traveled since the arrival of covid-19 ”.

Sellés has stated that “We are going to start this project in open-air spaces in the city and we are going to study the possibility of subsequently increasing, with municipal funds, the coverage of this new WiFi network both to other open spaces and to municipal buildings that already have a network municipal wifi to unify the connections within this European network ”.

The Councilor for Modernization has indicated that “With this program we not only try to combat the digital divide present in our community, but also pursue the achievement of one of the goals set in SDG number 9, which refers to the efforts for providing universal and affordable access to the internet which, in this case, would be free ”.

For his part, Javier Rivera explained that “Since it is a program with limited resources, from the City Council of Elda we are going to promote a process of public participation so that the Eldense citizens themselves are the ones who choose which squares in the city will be provided with free and open Wi-Fi”.

The mayor of Citizen Participation has highlighted that “Each participant will have up to three votes to select the places they prefer. In those that receive more support, Wi-Fi points will be installed so that citizens can access the Internet ”.

Rivera has stated that “To be able to participate, all you have to do is register on the portal and participate in the ‘Plazas WIFI4EU’ process. The voting period will be open until April 4. You can also participate in different voting points in person that we will enable in different public points of the city, without the need for prior registration.

The places that choose to be free Wi-Fi points are:

1.- Town Hall Square

2.- Concordia Park

3.- Plaza Sagasta

4.- Zapatero Square

5.- Plaza Castelar

6.- Hidalgo Caballero Square

7.- Severo Ochoa Park

8.- FICIA Square

9.- Huerta Nueva Park

10.- Plaza Mayor

11.- Mere Park

12.- Park of the New Fraternity

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