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Elderly woman in Pennsylvania dismembered her dead husband and threw remains in the trash to continue receiving money from Social Security

An office of the Social Security Administration in Burbank, California.

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A 69-year-old Pennsylvania resident faces criminal charges for allegedly dismembering her dead husband and throwing his remains in the trash to keep Social Security benefits.

Nancy Shedleski deposited $ 121,000 of the withdrawal money of her husband after his death in 2015, according to the Associated Press report.

Anonymous tip reveals alleged fraud

Officials from the Social Security Administration were unaware of the woman’s move until received an anonymous tip in 2019 indicating that Shedleski’s husband had disappeared.

A federal complaint filed last week in Nevada accuses the elderly woman of steal government money. When the man, who was only identified as “JPS,” died, he was in his 70s.

Shedleski’s 2019 benefits if she had reported her husband’s death would have been $ 14,000. Nevertheless, disbursement that year totaled $ 24,000, according to the document cited by the news agency.

Suspect alleged that husband was traveling

When the woman was initially contacted by federal officials, claimed her husband was traveling.

Subsequently, admitted to having dismembered the body and dispose of the remains after he died in their shared Pennsylvania home.

“Shedleski confirmed that there was no ambulance, no hospitalization, no funeral, no burial, no cremation,” the complaint reads.

The man’s cause of death is unclear

The complaint, however, does not specify cause of death Nor where did the couple live before the woman moved to Las Vegas in 2017.

The man last received medical care in 2015 at Jefferson Regional Medical Center in Jefferson Hills, near Pittsburgh.

They looked like a perfect family, says Clairton mayor

In an interview with Pittsburgh’s Action News 4, Clairton Mayor Richard Lattanzi described the family as perfect.

“I have to be honest with you. I started to shake when I heard this… it was so bizarre. I thought one day they took their things and moved, ”said Lattanzi, who worked with the deceased at US Steel Irvin Works for about 15 years before he retired.

“Joe was a practical guy, a big bigger, strong guy who worked hard,” he added. About his wife, he said:

“The kind of woman you want to hug and say, ‘oh my gosh, Nancy is so good.’

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