Tuesday, February 23

Elections in Ecuador: Indigenous movements in favor of Yaku Pérez begin mobilization towards Quito to pressure for the counting of votes in the presidency

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Yaku Pérez.


Yaku Pérez announced that they would exercise legal and social resistance.

The indigenous movements that support the candidacy of Yaku Pérez for the presidency of Ecuador began a march towards Quito on Wednesday to demand the recount of votes cast in the elections of February 7.

The mobilization started from the city of Loja and will travel more than 600 kilometers to reach the Ecuadorian capital, where they plan to arrive on February 23.

“We are not going to give up easily … We will continue in this resistance that we are sure we will win“Pérez said during a press conference in Quito with leaders of the indigenous movements who support his presidential nomination.

According to preliminary data, the candidate of the Pachakutik movement was in third place in the elections by obtaining 19.38% of the votes, slightly below the businessman Guillermo Lasso (19.74%), supported by the conservative movement CREO.

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