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Elections in France, at war

On Sunday, April 10, France will hold the first round of the presidential elections with Vladimir Putin put on the ballot. The war has dynamited the election campaign. There is hardly any discussion. The country has descended to the second political division in which mediocrity prevails. Emmanuel Macron he has hung up his presidential cape and left his ministers with the annoying task of asking the French to vote. The joke among journalists is to wonder at what time he will call Putin, his new existential occupation.

We came out of I don’t know how many waves of covid and of the confinements to run into the spectrum of one Third World warthis time nuclear. These are not times for optimism. The lesser evil will be voted by inertia, something that favors the president. Until the green candidate, Yannick Jadotwho has a vibrant cause to defend, is unable to arouse enthusiasm.

Macron He is the favorite, despite the fact that he has lost steam in the last two weeks. It is assumed that it will go to the Second roundscheduled on 24 of this monthbeside Marine LePento whom we used to hang the extreme right-wing poster, now surpassed by the extreme right of the Islamophobic Éric Zemmoursunk in the polls.

Zemmour, synonymous with racism and hate

The leftin order not to stop being left, is presented divided. France Insumisa by Jean-Luc Mélenchon is third in the polls after Macron and Le Pen. He has prestige among young people and has been able to overcome the stumbling block of Ukraine. Despite being critical of Putin, he allowed himself to be carried away by an old anti-Americanism that confused his speech to the point of buying some of the hoaxes of the Russian dictator. melenchon aspires to surprise and sneak into the second round. It would be a problem for Macron, who would lose the useful vote against Le Pen.

The war in ukrainethe second on European soil after the breakup of yugoslavia in the 1990s, it worries the French, just behind the rise in the cost of living. The good progress of economy It is Macron’s great asset. January’s growth was the highest in 50 years. On France there is a pact between the parties to block the extreme right. It is something that also happens in Germanybut it seems unthinkable in Spain.

The socialists, sunk

The pandemic has left a scared society out into a changing and dangerous world. Participation close to 70% is expected, low if we compare it with 81.4% in 1988. Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Parisis sunken in the polls with a very poor 2% of voting intentions. would confirm the death of Socialist Party of France, key in the construction of the Republic. Macron is a liberal accordion that collects part of the Social Democratic vote and that of the Gaullist right, suffocated by the discourse of the extreme right.

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There were before spectacular socialist collapses in Italy and Greece. They resist in Germany, Portugal and Spain. There is a change in the electoral space of the leftdivided between more or less utopian, such as that of melenchon despite the fact that it has an attractive program, and the realists who embody the German Greens, who stopped discussing the system to focus on correcting its defects and defending the environment.

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Putin and his war in Ukraine have taken some of those new european left trying to navigate a new world driven by slogans from the past. can your historical allergy to NATO and USA. It’s time to change the chip.

This confusion has permeated the voters. According to an IFOP study, 66% of the followers of melenchon believe in at least one of the kremlin theories about the origin of the war. In the case of the followers of zemour, goes up to 73%. According to this study, 30% of the French consider that the EU encouraged kyiv to apply for NATO membership; another 10% believe that the Zelensky’s government It’s full of Nazis. 71% of those considered anti-vaccines buy Putin’s rhetoric. Once he enters the denial spiral no matter what the issue is: everything is conspiracy, including stupidity.

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