Tuesday, January 26

Elections in Georgia: the “unlikely journey” of Raphael Warnock, the son of a cotton picker who will become the state’s first African-American senator

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Raphael Warnock’s mother was a cotton and tobacco picker in her youth.

An “improbable trip”. This is how Reverend Raphael Warnock defined the long path that took him to the United States Senate this Wednesday.

For Warnock, being elected senator from Georgia, a state with a slavery past, is a sign of the advancement of his community.

Warnock made history by winning the second round of the election for a Senate seat, defeating his Republican rival, Kelly Loeffler, and helping the Democrats win a majority in the Upper House.

As an expert on the word, Warnock gave a speech this Wednesday morning in which he spoke of the struggle of the African-American community to have a voice of its own.

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