Sunday, June 26

Elections in Germany: the first results give a slight advantage to the Social Democrats against the Conservatives

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Graph of exit results in Germany

Image source, EPA

The Germans voted this Sunday to elect the Lower House of the federal Parliament, the Bundestag, from where the new chancellor will come to succeed Angela Merkel and who will govern them for the next four years.

The first results broadcast by the public channels ARD and ZDF project a tight race with a very slight advantage for the SPD, the party of the Social Democrats (center left) of Olaf Scholz, against CDU / CSU or the conservatives (center right) of Armin Laschet, whom Merkel supports.

The SPD takes 25.7% of the votes; while the CDU / CSU, 24.5%, according to the projections of ARD.

In the calculations released by ZDF, the SPD has 26%.

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