Friday, January 21

Elections in Honduras: the leftist Xiomara Castro leads the ruling Nasry Asfura in the first counts

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Xiomara Castro

Image source, AFP


Castro leads the rest of his opponents by a notable margin.

The presidential candidate Xiomara Castro, from the leftist party Libertad y Refundación (Libre), surpassed her main opponent on Sunday night, the mayor of Tegucigalpa, Nasry Asfura, of the ruling National Party (PN), in the presidential elections of Honduras .

According to the first counts published by the National Electoral Council (CNE), with about 35% of the records scrutinized, the wife of former President Manuel Zelaya had obtained more than 53% of the votes, while Asfura took just over 34 %.

Of the total votes counted in a preliminary way, the Libre candidate had an initial difference of more than 200,000 ballots compared to the ruling party candidate.

“These are still preliminary results,” warned the CNE president advisor, Kelvin Aguirre.

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