Wednesday, December 1

Elections in Nicaragua: “Power is not at stake”, 3 keys to understanding the expected third consecutive reelection

  • Ismael Lopez
  • Special for BBC World

Daniel Ortega aspires to his fourth term, the third in a row.

Image source, Getty Images


Daniel Ortega aspires to his fourth term, the third in a row.

Like five years ago, on Sunday a new victory for Daniel Ortega is expected without opposition.

The president of Nicaragua declared himself the winner in the 2016 presidential elections in an overwhelming way. The electoral college awarded him the 72% of the votes. But the elections were stained because the leftist president had no jurisdiction: the judiciary, which according to his critics is controlled by him, had outlawed the opposition.

This Sunday, Ortega, who will turn 76 at the end of the month, is expected to be elected president for the fourth time, the third in a row, in a context similar to that of five years ago.

“Power is not at stake, there is no electoral competition,” political analyst Eliseo Núñez told BBC Mundo bluntly. “Ortega controls everything and now in 2021 with an iron fist “, he highlights.

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