Sunday, September 26

Elections in Peru: 4 keys to understanding the most atomized and uncertain presidential elections in recent years

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18 candidates compete for the presidency in Peru

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18 candidates are vying for the presidency in Peru in one of the most atomized elections in its recent history.

Peruvians do not know very well what results to expect this Sunday, the day they will vote in the first round of the presidential and parliamentary elections.

Unlike previous processes, it is not clear which are the two presidential candidates that will go to the second round, a stage that will be necessary because no candidate is projected to even touch 50% of the votes.

In fact, no aspirant to rule the country would overcome10% of the votes, according to a telephone survey by the Institute of Peruvian Studies (IEP) published in the Peruvian newspaper The Republic last Sunday, the last day that polls could be published in Peru before the vote.

In addition, this survey showed a tie for top five, since the differences between their percentages were less than the study’s margin of error.

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