Monday, March 1

Elections in the US: the attempt of 11 Republican senators to refuse to certify the victory of Joe Biden

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Republican Senator Ted Cruz says an audit would improve “faith In the electoral process.”

A group of US senators says that on January 6 they will refuse to certify Joe Biden’s electoral victory, unless Congress forms a commission to Investigate an alleged fraud In the November presidential elections.

This January 6 is the date that Congress will vote to certify the votes of the US Electoral College that gave the victory to the Democrat Biden agaInst the Republican Donald Trump. The Electoral College confirmed Biden’s victory In December by 306 electoral votes agaInst 232.

On January 20 will be the Inauguration, In which the new president and vice president, Kamala Harris, will be sworn In.

The 11 senators and senators elected, led by Ted Cruz, went 10 days before certification to audit accusations unfounded.

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