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Electric motorcycles in Alicante: all about buying and renting on two wheels

It is very common for us to start talking about sustainable mobility and let’s automatically think of electric cars. But if we have to deal with the issue of zero emissions, it is certainly important to also take into account the option of electric motorcycles in Alicante. This is certainly a very interesting way to get around town. We tell you.

First and foremost: how many kilometers could I do on a electric motorbike? At present, these emission-free vehicles have an autonomy that allows to carry out between 40 and 100 kilometers. There are models that exceed 170 km, but we would already be talking about batteries that are not so common to see.

Charger for an electric scooter.

In any case, you autonomy it will vary a lot depending on your journeys. If you move on the highway, for example, from El Campello to Benidorm, you will consume more battery that if you do the same kilometers moving through the center of Alicante. The higher the average speed, the higher the expense.

Electric motorcycles in Alicante

It is possible that you have not seen any or that, perhaps, you have not been able to identify it if you have come across it. The electric motorcycles they are present, that’s for sure. They do not make up a very high number, that is also true, but they are gaining presence, more and more, despite the fact that they do so little by little.

In fact, in the province there are dozens of businesses those that include the electric motorcycle rental in Alicante among its services.

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Front view of an electric motorcycle.

One of them, for example, unites individuals so that they can rent your vehicles with guarantees. Currently, there are several models on offer. The lowest price of them all has a cost of 25 euros a day, while the most expensive cost 39 euros a day.

Buying an electric two-wheeler

We have said that the most important thing was autonomy. And it really is, but to be exact, it is from the moment we take the step and decide buy an electric motorcycle.

Autonomy and price: the first two aspects to buy

Before that, the most relevant is the price. These sustainable vehicles move between prices ranging from 3,000 euros up to more than 21,000 euros. But wait! Do not be scared because there are nuances.

Vehicle loading is displayed in a mobile application.

There is a wide variety of models that are among the most recommended and that move between 3,000 and 6,000 euros. One of them, for example, is the S01 Connected of the Silence brand. It is the best-selling two-wheeler of this company, comparable to 125cc and highly recommended for the city. Its price: 5.900 euros.

Helps to buy electric motorcycles

There is another price range, as with everything. From those 6.000 one starts again (if one wants to spend more) and one can go to more than 100.000 euros. Although, really, the fork is not that big. This high value, 100,000 euros, is very different from its immediate previous one.

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Many delivery companies already use electric motorcycles.

Spend 21.000 euros in a electric motorbike it would already suppose to be buying the best of the market. Or, at least, the best. Just this is the price it has la Zero SR/F, the model of the American brand with an engine 110 CV power.

Up to more than 1,000 euros in aid for electric motorcycle

Although they are not the actual final prices. The purchase of electric motorcycles, such as cars, has aid from the administrations. With the Plan MOVES (Efficient and sustainable mobility), which is now in its third edition, you can receive more than 1.000 euros for the acquisition of your motorcycle.

More and more entities are joining the use of sustainable mobility. One of the last public institutions that have adhered to this option has been the Local Police of Novelda, the first of the Corps in the province to acquire electric motorcycles.

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