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Electricity bill: Who can request the electricity bonus

The electricity bill in an average home has exceeded 110 euros in February. / TODAY

The discounts for this aid are set at 25% and 40% of the electricity bill, although exceptionally they amount to 60% and 70%

Jose M. Martin

The price of electricity has fallen by half in the last week and even so multiplies by more than five the average that was registered in March of last year, which was not a particularly cheap month. That increase in prices that is verified in the wholesale markets ends up having repercussions on the consumer. According to the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users) the bill of an average home (those that have 4.6kW of contracted power and an annual consumption of 3,500 kW/h) that is in the regulated market (PVPC) was above the 110 euros per month in February, which doubles what was paid a year ago.

These clients with regulated rates, in which daily prices vary because they depend on the market, have the option of requesting the electricity social bonus provided they meet a series of requirements.

To apply for the aid, families without minor children cannot have more than 12,160 euros of income per year; with a minor not to exceed 16,213, and with two minors the limit is 20,266 euros

This bonus is a discount of 25% or 40%, depending on each case, on the electricity bill, although due to the current inflation situation these percentages were increased to 60% and 70%, respectively, until April 30 .

To request them, in addition to having a PVPC contract in the regulated market, customers must meet a series of conditions related to their income. Vulnerable consumers (to whom the 25% discount corresponds) are considered to be families with an income of less than 12,159.42 euros per year (which is 1.5 times the IPREM set at 8,106.28 euros in 2022) if they do not have minors. in charge; 16,212.56 euros per year if there is a minor in the family unit, and 20,265.7 euros per year if there are two or more minors in the family.

In addition, large families and those who receive all their income from pensioners are also included in vulnerable consumers.

Spain will propose a limit on the price of electricity of 180 euros

Severely vulnerable consumers (who can have a 40% discount on their electricity bill) are those with annual incomes below 50% of those set to be a vulnerable consumer. If, in addition, they are families served by social services, they are considered consumers at risk of social exclusion, so they will only pay 50% of the bill.

Where to apply

The request for the social bonus must be made by the consumer to the reference marketers in their territory. In Extremadura they are Endesa and Curenergía (Iberdrola’s marketer). These companies have the obligation to offer and finance the social bonus. This request “can be made by phone, email, ordinary mail, fax or directly to one of the reference marketers,” according to the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

Due to the pandemic, the categories to apply for the social bonus were expanded and vulnerable consumers due to covid were included. In this case, it is enough that one of the family members is unemployed or affected by an ERTE, provided that the income in the month prior to the request does not exceed one and a half times the monthly IPREM. That is, 675.53 euros. Although this amount increases if there are minors in their care, people with disabilities equal to or greater than 33% in the family unit or if the situation of gender violence, victim of terrorism or situation of dependency is proven.

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