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Eleven pairs of boots – Information

Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi in a Barcelona-Real Madrid in 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi in a Barcelona-Real Madrid in 2018
Albert Gea/Reuters

With the title I would like honor that cinema from the fifties and sixties that had football as its plot or inspiration, and in which the protagonists were sometimes the idols of the moment. In “Eleven pairs of boots” they were not, but the greats of the moment had their cameo.

In “The Aces Seek Peace”, Kubala fled communist Hungary. Dí Stéfano was the main interpreter in “Saeta Rubia” and “The aces of Sunday.” The eleven has established itself as the traditional name of the team that jumps onto the pitch. Before, both fans and sports journalists knew them on a run, they recited them almost without thinking. As there were no rotations, not even changes, those who defended the team’s jersey were almost always the same with little variations.

Eleven pairs of boots that made up the team with different tactics depending on the time. From those 3-2-5, passing through that of the Austrian Rappan 4-3-3, or the Italian catenaccio that had its best version with HH in 4-1-2-3, to those of today that are almost as many as coaches there is.

This year of the damn pandemic, eleven have become fashionable. They have all taken to making historical elevenEither based on the supposed knowledge of some journalists or on popular votes that leave much to be desired. Everyone has their eleven, their favorite footballers of yesterday and today, as the legendary saying that in every Spanish there is a coach.

Diego Armando Maradona, who died on November 25, and Messi after a match for the Argentine team at the World Cup in South Africa in 2010 David Grey/Reuters

As entertainment it is worth, but if the organizers of the mythical Ballon d’Or, – they have not yet given a convincing explanation of why this year they have decided not to grant it to the detriment of Lewandoski– They have wanted to transmit seriousness to the eleven that they have made, gold, silver and bronze, they have failed miserably in the attempt. In the first place, with the sole purpose of balancing the different alignments, a team made up of three defenders, four midfielders and three forwards has been drawn from their sleeve, so that in order to fit their chosen ones they have committed football outrages such as placing Maradona and Pelé as midfielders.

Although of more importance has been the sacrilege committed when eliminating Alfredo Di Stéfano from the first team, the only Super Ballon d’Or awarded by themselves, plus two Ballon d’Or, and a legendary footballer who astonished European football from the 1950s by winning five European Cups in a row and making Real Madrid the best team of the 20th century.

The same has happened with Casillas out of the three eleven years, having been the only goalkeeper who has managed to be chosen six times in the UEFA best eleven, and five times in the FIFA and IFFHS, in addition to being in the ideal eleven of the decade of the same magazine France Football. And another that is surprising not to see him among the chosen ones is Puskas, captain of the legendary Hungarian national team to whom FIFA has granted the honor of awarding an award with his name to the best goal every year. How it squeaks that Kubala has not been included in any of the three eleven.

They should be joined by the legion of the forgotten, the most bleeding for Spanish football is undoubtedly the case of People, which was not even among the nominees. But there are more, many, too many. To taste the colors. Here are a few postponed. Zamora, Leónidas, Meazza, Gambetta, Schiaffino, Kocsis, Fritz Walter, D. Santos, Gilmar, Eusebio, B. Charlton, Sivori, Francescoli, Kempes, Passarella, Zico, Romario, Figo and many more, some eliminated from the nomination, other ideal teams. A hobby that I take with your permission. Boxes; Cafu, Ramos, Roberto Carlos; Xavi, Beckenbauer; Messi, Maradona, Dí Stefano, Pelé and Cristiano. I leave it there.

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