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Eliezer Molina warns that political figures in Puerto Rico will be cited as part of the investigation for a plot to assassinate him

Archive image of Puerto Rico police officers in San Juan.


For Maribel Hernandez Perez

PUERTO RICO – The former independent candidate for governor, Eliezer Molina Pérez, revealed today that Political figures will be cited as part of the investigation of the plot to assassinate him motivated by his fight in defense of the environment in Puerto Rico and by his allegations of corruption in the Department of Natural Resources.

Molina Pérez, attended a meeting with the staff of the Aguadilla Homicide Division headed by Lieutenant Orlando Camacho, where they corroborated new information about the existence of a plot to assassinate him since handle possible names of suspects.

“(The plot) is real… now they are going to interview people directly, they are going to interview several people including people within the politics of Puerto Rico”, Commented Molina Pérez.

This will be cited for a later date to give statements.

“There is a broad framework, they cannot reveal names, but it does have to do with the arrest of the projects and with corruption within Natural Resources… they confirmed to me that it was the federal agents who gave them the information and it corresponds to them. carry out the investigation … they (the FBI) ​​complied with saying what is happening in the underworld, that they were going to attack us, ”explained Molina Pérez, in an interview with Primera Hora, after attending the interview that lasted more than one hour.

He has not ruled out running for the governorship of Puerto Rico again

Despite the fact that his audit of the Government does not pursue an upcoming candidacy for governor in the 2024 elections, he understands that the situation he is going through gives him more encouragement to assess whether he aspires to the position again.

He undertakes it against the FBI

In turn, he thanked the Puerto Rico Police Bureau for being diligent in attending to his case and being aware of the damage that was being planned against him, but not the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), who he showed “mediocrity” because he had to intervene immediately.

He promised to continue with your fight to expose corruption Despite the threats received that could be related to the recent complaints he made on social networks that led the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER) to announce the temporary stoppage of a construction of recreational areas in the Sol y Playa condominium, located on Los Almendros beach in Rincón, for invading the Rescue Strip or Separation Zone from the beach.

He also managed to stop a project for the development of Plaza Noroeste Commercial Center, located on the PR-2 highway, kilometer 124.5, in Aguadilla due to problems in its mitigation plans and the sale of a piece of land that belongs to El Yunque, among others. remarks that he has made public.

“I am going to defend the karst even if they want to kill me, I am going to defend the coasts and natural resources, even if they want to kill me and then we are going to go fishing for sharks, white sharks,” he said in an aside with journalists once the meeting ended.

During yesterday he received a visit from state agents where they warned him that his life was in danger and summoned him to appear today at their offices to speak in detail about his findings and immediately published what happened in a video through his Facebook.

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