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Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani: With COVID-19, locked up and sleeping together in a hotel in New York

Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani test positive for COVID-19.

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Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani They are locked up and sleeping together in a New York hotel with positive COVID-19. This was shared by the presenters of ‘Gossip No Like’ this Monday.

This time Javier and Elisa did not start their show ready to give others bombs, but their own. Visibly emaciated, in pajamas, they began to report that, The first to receive the news that he was positive was Javier since, walking down the street, he decided to take a test on a corner.

Upon receiving the news that you had coronavirus, Elisa ran to take her test and received the same response. “The feeling of receiving the news that we were positive is horrible, besides, you feel discriminated against everywhere“, Both agree.

What are they referring to? To what at the hotel where they were staying in New York, they were taken out of the suite that each one had and sent to a small room to sleep the two together isolated and in quarantine.

We are all the time reporting that ‘Teletón’, ‘Falling in love’ … And I made a mea culpa, we had a loss like Magda Rodríguez’s who received people in the studio all the time, and we did the sameWe were unaware of getting on a plane and come to a city that yesterday had a record of 20 thousand infected ”Elisa explained to her audience.

“The mistake for me is very simple that it is happening to all of us, even us criticisms, who relax, I felt empowered, I felt that it was two years of a pandemic, that we have not gone on vacation, I have been super exaggeratedElisa continued saying.

It is superb to think that we can handle a capricious virus. This is a lottery, now the feeling of discrimination is so ugly, “added Javier.

“If we did not have the vaccine, perhaps we would be in a hospital tube, having it we are like colds, calm in a hotel room ”, continued to explain Ceriani.

Both said that New York is serious about cases, and that They decided to share the news to raise awareness and be very sincere in front of all those who criticized them for not taking care of themselves. “I accept my irresponsibility in my mind having said that the pandemic is over and come to the center of infection… Thanks to the fact that we have the vaccine, we will not have to quarantine like a person who is not ”.

Against this, both will have to spend Christmas together locked up, Javier had to suspend his trip to Argentina, and Elisa will not be able to be with her daughters and her husband.

In their style, they also put humor by balking each other in what they do in this coexistence. She accuses him of urinating on the toilet board and flooding the bathroom to cover up the eschatological noises. And he accuses her of snoring.

They ended the live show bringing peace of mind to their followers, but asking for help finding an apartment in New York so he can move out and at least have each one a room.



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