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Elite athletes, successful influencers

  1. Successful champions have conquered Instagram by reaching out to their fans and opening a new avenue with sponsors
  2. Carolina Marín, Ona Carbonell and Ana Peleteiro are some of those who have taken to the networks
  3. Serena Williams has a personal account, another with her clothing brand and another with jewelry, with 27.5 million followers

Nine years later Ana Peleteiro he put a Christmas tree back in his living room. We know it because she told it herself in Instagram, the social network from which more and more athletes approach their followers, are projected as influencers, open avenues for the future.

This cosmos of photos, stories and live shows is the best place to find out about the Christmas decorations of the Galician triplet. But also what are the dogs of Carolina Marin; how many kilos are you lifting Lydia valentin; what crib you use Ona Carbonell for your baby or the latest cause embraced by Allyson Felix.

In the network, all these champions tell us about their sporting achievements. And, also, or, above all, what their daily life is like, their most mundane self, the one that brings them closer to any of us, the one we hardly see when they compete for a World Cup or an Olympic medal.

And that like. To his followers, who find connection points and multiply. To its sponsors, who see its impact increase. To themselves, who measure its impact and the possibility of exploiting it.

Concurrent accounts

Ask if not to Serena Williams, who, together with her team of experts, feeds a personal account, another for her clothing brand and one more for her jewelry line, the most successful of all: with 27.5 million followers, she more than doubles the 12.7 that the tennis player American has in which is defined as the mother of Olympia. The little girl co-stars in many of the videos in which the woman who holds 23 individual titles in Grand Slam tournaments cooks pasta, dances carelessly or dresses up as a princess to keep her daughter happy.

Cammy, that of his compatriot Allyson felix, is also the star of many of her mother’s publications, who has 707,000 followers on Instagram. The athlete who holds more world golds than anyone (13) shares her daughter’s day-to-day life, but also her new line of sportswear, her training sessions and the many causes she champions. The athlete who took advantage of the networks to denounce how Nike It penalized athletes who wanted to make their careers compatible with motherhood. It has become a benchmark for all of them and also for black women to whom it always appeals. The universities invite her as a lecturer and athlete he has chosen her as an ambassador.

Ona Carbonell, another athlete mom, has also revealed herself as a true prescriber on Instagram, where she has 241,000 followers. From the cradle in which your child sleeps Kai Even household appliances, through clothing brands, cosmetic lines or even dishwashers, the versatile Catalan swimmer is a real advertising mine on Instagram. His 23 world medals and his two Olympic medals opened the doors of the commercial world for him. Her triumphant passage through the Masterchef culinary contest made her a phenomenon with hardly any parallel in Spain.

Natural and close

Still far from the successes and popularity of Carbonell, Ana Peleteiro It stands out on the web for its naturalness and proximity. In the same way that she tells of her concern for a bald spot that she discovered in her hair, the Galician shares her recent move, confesses how self-conscious she became about her belly, teaches how to cook a specialty of her land or talks about the training sessions that should be bring her closer to Tokyo Games. His followers (88,600) actively respond to all the proposals he launches. And behind them, the sponsors: various Galician brands have already chosen it as the image for their products.

It may interest you

Lydia Valentin, instead, he hardly shares personal details of his life on Instagram. The competition and training are the common thread of almost all the posts of the barbell, which, however, accumulates 269,000 followers on this network. The world and European champion attracts sponsors and users for the successes she accumulates and the values ​​she transmits in the competition.

Carolina Marín, One of the Spanish athletes with the most followers (368,000), she also maintains a more professional profile on IG. But with concessions. While she does not lavish on stories or live shows, the Olympic, World and European champion from Baminton often posts about her family, talks often about her dogs and shows how she likes to dress outside of training and competition. Your sponsors rub their hands with the potential of your profile

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