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Elizabeth Chambers, Armie Hammer’s ex-wife, breaks her silence and declares herself “devastated” | People

Just a few months ago Armie Hammer was one of those hotties that Hollywood likes so much. With more than a decade of career and some powerful titles to his credit, he had accompanied on screen stars such as Johnny Depp, Felicity Jones, Timothée Chalamet, Amy Adams, Dev Patel, Jake Gyllenhaal … and he had made a name for himself. itself. However, one of those surprising scandals that he is also passionate about in the film mecca has knocked him out and apparently left him out of the game, at least for a while: a series of messages to women where he seemed to declare himself, it is not known exactly if in jest or seriously, fond of cannibalism.

After the scandal generated, the Hammer environment had hardly spoken about it. The actor was married to actress Elizabeth Chambers, whom he married in 2010 and from whom he separated last summer of 2020. They both have two children in common, a boy and a girl, Ford and Harper. So far, Chambers had decided to remain silent about who his partner had been for more than a decade. However, on Monday, February 1, he posted for the first time in several weeks a statement that defines what his state of mind would be like.

“For weeks, I have tried to process everything that happened. I’m in shock, heartbroken and devastated “, begins his text Chambers. “My broken heart aside, I am listening, and will continue to listen and learn about these delicate matters. I hadn’t even realized everything I knew. “

“I support any victim of attacks and abuse and I encourage anyone who has experienced this pain to seek the help they need to heal,” continues the interpreter. “At this time, I will not comment further on this matter. My only focuses and points of attention will continue to be on our children, my work, and healing during this terribly difficult time. Thank you for your love and support, and thank you in advance for your constant kindness, respect and consideration for our children and for me as we find a way to move forward, ”he concludes, signing EC with his initials. Actors, presenters, models, popular characters in the US, television presenters … such as Olivia Munn, Selma Blair and Louise Roe, among others, have written many comments on that Instagram post to show their support and affection for Chambers .

The issue affecting Hammer came to light in January. Then a handful of women accused the actor of having sexually and psychologically abused them, including some of his ex-partners, who claimed that he was obsessive in their relationships. Others she tried to contact also claimed that she used her fame to coerce them sexually. Some of his messages were also leaked to certain women. “I am 100% cannibal. I want to eat you. Fuck. It’s scary to admit it, ”he supposedly said in one. “What if I wanted to cut off your toe to put it in a pocket and always carry a piece of you with me?” Read another. “It makes me horny to think about holding your heart in your hand and controlling it when it beats,” said a third. He also expressed his intention to eat the ribs of one of his lovers or the hot heart of an animal.

Armie Hammer has denied all the allegations, but they have already taken their toll. “I am not responding to these lies, but in light of the vicious and spurious attacks on the Internet against me, my conscience does not allow me to leave my children for four months to shoot a movie in the Dominican Republic,” explained the actor in a statement, where he also wanted to reaffirm himself by pointing out that he had the support of the producer. “Lionsgate is supporting me on this, and I am very grateful to them for that.” However, there are already two jobs he has left: the first Shotgun Wedding, a comedy that he would have starred with Jennifer Lopez and whose filming started this year; and a few days ago the series that deals with how the film was created The Godfather (1972), in which he played producer Al Ruddy.

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