Friday, March 24

Elizabeth II reappears in the tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh after six months of absence due to health problems

  • The 95-year-old queen has been resting since October and has arrived at her late husband’s mass accompanied by Prince Andrew

The Queen isabel II attended this Tuesday tribute to her late husband, Philip of Edinburghafter nearly six months without appearing in public commitments because of their problems of Health. The 95-year-old monarch keeps repose since October on the recommendation of doctors, when he spent a night hospitalized to undergo “tests” whose nature was never specified.

In recent months, the queen has resigned to participate in numerous relevant acts, has appeared walking with walking stick and has acknowledged that hard to move. The sovereign, who celebrated 70 years on the throne in February and on April 21 will be 96 years old, was due to make his public reappearance two weeks ago, for British Commonwealth Day. However, three days before the event he canceled his participation, according to the press due to his difficulty in moving and his refusal to do it in a wheelchair.

Therefore, the mass in homage to his late husband -which began this Tuesday at 10:30 GMT in Westminster Abbey- was his first public appearance in monthsafter confirming this morning that he would attend, hours before moving from his residence in Windsor to London.

Elizabeth II arrived with her son on prince andrew of England, who was seen in public for the first time since he reached an out-of-court settlement last February with the woman -Virginia Giuffre- who denounced him for sexual abuse when she was a minor. Andrew took a seat in a front row of the abbey, along with his other siblings.

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absence of Prince Henry

The great absence has been borne by the prince henry, 37, after he and his wife Meghan announced in 2020 that they were leaving their royal duties and settling in California. A year ago, the prince traveled alone to the United Kingdom for the funeral of his grandfather, but this time he will not attend.

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The act honors the man with whom Queen Elizabeth was married 73 years and that she called her “pillar”. Felipe passed away on April 9, almost a hundred years old, and in full pandemic only 30 guests were able to attend a restricted funeral.

The event was also attended by the kings Philip and Letizia from Spain and william alexander and maximum from the Netherlands, among a dozen royal house and ancient monarchies of Europe and the Middle East. The members of the different royal Houses of Europe were taking their seats in stages before starting the service by Prince Felipe. The solemn event is attended by the largest concentration of members of European Royal Houses since before the pandemic.

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