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Elizabeth II wants to hire a diversity expert to deal with accusations of racism




“We are not a racist family.” With these words, Prince William defended himself a few days ago against the accusations made by Harry and Meghan against the Windsors in the controversial interview they gave to the presenter Oprah Winfrey and that raised many blisters in the United Kingdom. Now, a new decision of the Queen isabel II could somehow be agreeing with the couple, who assures that discrimination based on skin color not only against Meghan, but also against her son Archie even before he was born, was one of the triggers for their decision to move to the United States , in search of a life separated from the other members of the Royal Family and from the harassment of the tabloids. It was precisely one of them, ‘The Mail on Sunday’, which announced yesterday that Elizabeth II intends to hire an expert in diversity as part of a plan to “modernize” the monarchy. According to sources cited by the newspaper, the proposal is a “recognition that there is still much to do to defend the rights of minorities.”

And it is that the explosive statements of the Sussexes fell on fertile ground, after last year was marked by the protests of the Black Lives Matter movement, and also threatened to put the Monarchy at risk not only within the borders of Great Britain but in other Commonwealth countries, whose unity could be in jeopardy. Proof of this is that just a few days after the Queen sent a message of unity in the celebration of the Commonwealth of Nations day, whose population is predominantly black, the director of the Institute for Commonwealth Studies, Philip Murphy, considered that the accusations of racism would have “an impact on public opinion” in the countries that comprise it, “particularly in the Caribbean,” which “could be used as a weapon in favor” of the republican cause. Hence, “the Firm”, as the Royal Family calls itself, decided to take action on the matter before its image continues to deteriorate, both among its population and among the former colonies.

But the plan goes further, since according to the newspaper the Queen wants surround yourself with a committee of experts that offer “independent points of view” that allow “to help assess and improve the approach to diversity, including ethnic minorities, the disabled, and gay and trans communities.” This team would be led by a “diversity chief” who would implement internal policies after conducting “a listening and learning exercise” that could begin in the coming weeks and which will involve talking to a variety of companies and individuals about the current role. of the monarchy.

“This is an issue that has been taken very seriously,” explained a real source, who explained: “We have the policies, procedures and programs in place, but we have not seen the progress that we would like and we recognize that it is necessary to make plus. We can always improve. Hence, as detailed, do not be afraid “to seek new ways of approaching it. The work to do this has been going on for some time and has the full support of the whole family». Precisely the accusations of racism are, according to the local press, one of the biggest problems in the relationship between Harry and Guillermo, very damaged for a long time, but which reached a new sour point after the interview. In fact, the American presenter Gayle King, a friend of the Sussexes, described the phone conversations the brothers have had in recent days as “unproductive”.

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