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Ellen Pompeo says goodbye to “Grey’s Anatomy” after 18 seasons

Ellen Pompeo attends Save The Children’s “Centennial Celebration – Once in a Lifetime” at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on October 02, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California.

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Grey’s Anatomy season 18 is coming up and everything seems to indicate that this will be the end of the story that began in 2005 and that, for 16 years, he had no rest. The series underwent several cast changes from its inception to the present day but always kept its central figure: Ellen Pompeo in the role of Dr. Meredith Gray. Now, his fans are preparing to say goodbye to the character.

The new season comes with a novelty that sparked rumors: a medical research center will be created in honor of Meredith’s mother, which will seek to combat Parkinson’s disease. The one who would be in charge of directing it is Gray herself, so I would say goodbye to the historic hospital and, in that way, to the series.

After so many years it is difficult to imagine a career that differs from the role that he held for so long. Like several actors who are known for a single role, Ellen Pompeo is not afraid of that happening to her. “Before being on a channel for so long made you doomed. That is no longer the case although I will probably not do movies but I will do some streaming series”, He declared in dialogue with Dax Holt.

The series premiered in 2005, and since then fans have met a large number of characters, who in the course of the drama’s run, left and left an indescribable void towards the viewers. However, the series is still in force since the first season, and this is precisely due to the surgeon Meredith Gray, played by the 51-year-old actress Ellen Pompeo, which has been the main face of this production for almost more than two decades.

Also, the American actress revealed last year that after Grey’s Anatomy ends, she wants to take a break from acting; however, she has commented on her desire to exploit different interests when the medical drama series ends, this through a statement from Ellen Pompeo to the Ladie First With Lauren Brown podcast. “I am not saying that I will never act again; Okay, I can, but I’m not very excited about continuing my acting career. I am more entrepreneurial at this stage. I am excited to invest in companies and start [una] company. That is an area of ​​growth that I am excited about, using my brain in a different way.Pompeo said.

For the moments A release date for the eighteenth season of Grey’s Anatomy has not been confirmed, since in July of this year the last episode of the 17th season was broadcast. Now, fans have the unknown to know if this eighteenth season will it be the last or the story will continue to expand.


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