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Elliot Page to Produce Documentary on Gender Transition

Elliot Page.

Elliot Page.

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If there is someone who can speak well about the difficulties and advantages of a gender change, that is Elliot Page, who was previously known as Ellen, is why the actor has decided to venture into the world of production with ‘Nel Mio Nome’, a new documentary directed by Nicoló Bassetti.

In the feature film will develop the story of four young people who have gone through a gender transition, which will be the main theme of this entire project and the reason that encouraged Elliot to participate in it.

The documentary, which will premiere at the Berlin Film Festival, was born from Bassetti’s personal experience with his trans son, who follows his friends Nic, Leo, Andrea and Raff, whose ages range between 20 and 30 years.

The group of friends come from different parts of Italy and are at different stages of their lives, while facing the same barriers to their social, physical and legal changes.

“My personal experience as a father has allowed me, as a director, to find the security necessary to get closer to the protagonists of this story, delve into their emotions and establish an intimate relationship based on trust and complicity”, assured Nicoló in an interview.

And what has been what caught Page’s attention about the project: the way in which they “ingeniously” present all the pieces that make up a person’s identity.

“Knowing that Bassetti closely consulted with his trans son during production is very beautiful for me. I think that the lived experience and the contribution are clear in the perspective of the film. I’m honored to be on board and can’t wait for everyone to see it.”, he expressed.

“It’s a meditation on trans humanity and I’ve never seen another movie like it,” he added.

‘Nel Mio Nome’ will be released next February and is the first project that Elliot Page accepts on the subject.

It was on December 1, 2020 when Elliot announced through a statement on his Instagram account that he declared himself as a trans man.

Although he said he was happy to share the news, he also acknowledged his fear of a possible backlash.

“I want to share with you that I am trans and my name is Elliot”, he started in his letter.

“My joy is real, but also fragile. The truth is, despite feeling deeply happy right now and knowing how privileged I am, I am also scared. I am afraid of interference, hatred, ‘jokes’ and violence”, he stressed.

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