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Elon Musk already owns Twitter. The question now is what will happen to his (hilarious) Twitter account

Elon Musk has done it, Twitter is already his property. The billionaire owner of Tesla and SpaceX, among other businesses, has also taken over his favorite social network, and now that he has his wallet on it, and not just his entertainment, one wonders if he will turn the tweets he He has us used to it or he will choose to continue shaking the world from his already famous account.

The Donald Trump Model. Due to Musk’s personality, it is legitimate to think that he could choose to continue as before: saying what he wants, charging against detractors and politicians and shaking up sectors like crypto from time to time. In other words, just like Donald Trump did, he continues to use his account as if he were not the owner of Twitter, as the former president did after arriving at the White House.

This option, in addition, would match the speech that Musk has maintained in recent months, when he even went so far as to say that he was considering creating his own open source social network due to the lack of freedom of expression on Twitter. A criticism in which he, by the way, agreed with former President Trump. Although now, in light of recent events, everything seems to indicate that those comments could well have been a strategy to mislead everyone about his true intentions, which were none other than to buy the social network.

The model Pedro Sanchez. The tycoon could also choose to turn his profile into a more institutional and restrained account, in order to protect his investment. Something similar to what Pedro Sánchez did when he became president of the Government of Spain and went from “being bad!” and the “fucking pizza” to only post official messages on his personal account.

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In fact, Musk has already taken some steps in this direction and has deleted old tweets where he criticized Twitter, such as some with negative comments about some of the social network’s functions, according to The Independent.

The option for the tycoon’s Twitter account to become more institutional is also in keeping with his way of handling business: beyond appearing as a somewhat eccentric character in his public demonstrations, as an entrepreneur Musk is characterized by getting involved and taking great care of his investments, coming to work 120 hours a week and sleeping in the offices of their companies so as not to waste time going home.

doesn’t give clues. Despite the fact that he has deleted some tweets, Elon Musk has followed these last few days as if nothing had happened and has published his usual mix of messages: some in which he talks about his companies, such as SpaceX either neurolinkwith others in which mocks twitter or other tech tycoons, in this case Bill Gates. He has also promised that, if he manages to buy the social network, will fight to eliminate spam bots.

He already messed with Tesla on Twitter. Musk’s tweeting hobby has gotten him into trouble before. In 2018, he assured on the social network that he was considering privatizing Tesla at $420 per share, which earned him a lawsuit from his shareholders for the money he made them lose.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission investigated the tycoon and charged him with civil securities fraud as a result of those tweets, and Tesla and Musk then reached an agreement to compensate shareholders and settle the matter. They also agreed that he should not tweet about certain topics from now on.

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