Tuesday, February 7

Elon Musk will speak to Twitter employees this Thursday for the first time

Elon Musk will meet this Thursday with the employees of Twitterthus being the first time that it will accept to answer questions from the company’s workers since it put on the table its offer of 44,000 million euros (equivalent to about 41,000 million euros) to acquire the social network.

The tycoon is scheduled to connect today in a telematic meeting in which up to 7,500 engineers, programmers and other staff members will participate, many of whom have expressed concern about the changes in the platform that may cause the sale operation agreed on last April 25.

Among the possible questions that will be raised to Musk could be questions about whether there will be layoffs, if he will try to change the way the company moderates and removes content that violates its internal policies, as well as if it will allow the return to the social network. of donald trump. The former president’s account was permanently banned after it was used to encourage his supporters’ violent insurrection against Capitol Hill to try to stop his defeat in the presidential election. Musk said on May 10 that expelling Trump indefinitely “was a mistake.”

This is not the first meeting in which the acquisition of the social network by Musk is discussed, but it is the first in which the richest man on the planet participates. In the previous ones, those who had to answer the questions and complaints were Twitter executives as well as members of its shareholders’ meeting, who did not respond to many of those questions, pointing out that the one who had to face up was the controversial businessman, the visible face from companies like Tesla either SpaceX.

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purchase paused

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after putting Silicon Valley Upside down with his move to take full control of Twitter, the platform’s takeover is at an impasse after Musk paused it on May 13. The tycoon justified this “temporary suspension” by saying that beforehand he needed an independent report on what proportion of the social network’s users are ‘bots’, automated accounts, because the internal studies that limit that percentage to 5% are not to be believed.

Musk has even threatened to withdraw his offer, which would force him to pay compensation. That, added to his constant criticism of the platform, has given instability to the markets and especially to a Twitter in crisis, whose shares have lost 25% of their value since the sale agreement was reached last April. It is speculated that with this Musk is trying to lower the purchase price of the social network, already agreed and sealed on paper.

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