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Elyangelica Gónzalez from ‘Despierta América’, spent her birthday without knowing if she has coronavirus

Elyangelica González.

Photo: Elyangélica González / Courtesy

Elyangelica Gónzalez from ‘Wake up America’ and univision news, he spent his birthday without knowing if he has coronavirus. This was explained by the journalist herself when she confessed that she did three tests: the PCR tests were negative and the antigen test was positive.

The Venezuelan journalist, whom we see every morning reporting news from Miami, who stood out in her coverage of the collapse of the Surf Side building, and who recently saw her conducting ‘Noticias Univision, Nocturna Edition’, surprised Tuesday night by making a confession on Insta Live: he thinks he doesn’t have COVID-19 but he doesn’t know.

The journalist, who yesterday celebrated his 43rd birthday, explained that, beyond leaving his home since Monday, like Raúl González, Alan Tacher and Maity Interiano, not only has to do with what he shared with Carlos Calderón, who, as we told you, tested positive for the virus, but because he had been on an assignment with another colleague who also has coronavirus.

Elyangelica assures that during the coverage they shared, they used the mask for the longest time, and exercised social distance. That the note was abroad, but what she began to feel bad, like symptoms of the flu and decided to take a PCR test that was negative.

However, as he continued to feel bad, yesterday Tuesday, He visited the laboratory of a friend who does this type of test and he had a quick test that gave him positive!

After spending all day in my house worried, panicked, and despite being vaccinated since March, something I have told you about, because you have to be vaccinated because this virus is not fought in another way, the largest possible community so that there is herd immunity, but there are a lot of people who have not wanted to get vaccinated“.

On the advice of the laboratory owner, another PCR test was done that is the most sensitive and accurate, and many times the antigen has false positives. “Indeed that is what I did, and the result has only reached me half an hour ago and it is negative.“, He continued explaining.

“I went to the source, for me the closest and most reliable is Dr. Juan Rivera to whom I write … He tells me that PCRs are the reliable tests, they are the ones that are worth, those of antigens can give a false positive, those that are valid are those of PCR and not everything is COVID, it can also be a coldGonzález continued recounting.

In short, the journalist continues with uncertainty, although According to the doctor, it is negative, but between them they decided to do a new test, the third, to keep her calm..

For now, although she confesses that she loves to celebrate her birthday, this time she had to stay locked up, she separated out of precaution and responsibility from her family, in fact she said that her daughters are not with them at home.

Elyangelica took the opportunity to thank all the messages in networks, the cakes and flowers who have made him arrive at his preventive quarantine and He promised to share this Wednesday the result of his third test.


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