Tuesday, November 30

Emergency measure against gun violence in NY serves to allocate more resources

Governor Cuomo while signing the emergency measure.

Don Pollard / NY Governor Office

After a year without pauses in the rebound of the bloody figures due to the shootings in New York, and with a summer in the Big Apple that could be “hotter” due to the non-stop escalation of gun violence, this Tuesday Governor Andrew Cuomo declared the first gun violence disaster emergency in the country, as part of a new comprehensive strategy to build a more secure state.

“Part of rebuilding is addressing the systemic injustices that were exacerbated by COVID-19. If you look at the recent figures, now more people die from gun violence and the crime that caused by the pandemic. This is a national problem. But someone has to step up, “Governor Cuomo said.

The state president highlighted that “just as it was done to defeat the pandemic,” New York will lead the nation once again with a comprehensive approach to combat and prevent armed violence.

In summary, the strategy presented by Cuomo treats gun violence as a public health crisis, using short-term solutions to reduce the shooting rate, as well as long-term solutions that focus on intervention strategies in communities to break the cycle of violence.

This “disaster emergency” allows the State to invest immediately $ 138 million in community programs so that armed violence can begin to be attacked at its roots, the creation of a new Office for the Prevention of Gun Violence.

The Governor also required by Executive Order that the main police departments share data at the level of shootings incidents with the Criminal Justice Division, to compile weekly data, which will be used by the new Office for the Prevention of Armed Violence to track the points emerging critics.

Cuomo also announced the creation of a new State Police Arms Trafficking Interdiction Unit, to stop the avalanche of illegal weapons arriving in New York, from states with weak gun safety laws, under the criteria that the 74% of firearms used in criminal activities come from other regions.

NYPD: Shootings are down

Although with a slight descent of shootings and victims, if compared to the fateful celebration of the July 4, 2020, criminal violence once again showed its claws last weekend on the streets of the Big Apple: From Friday to Sunday, 26 persons they were hit in New York City by a projectile, amid a total of 21 shootings.

Last year the balance for this same holiday was 44 wounded by bullets.

As the summer progresses, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) continues to focus on “precision policing” to reduce violence in the five boroughs, noting that it has increasingly detained hundreds of people with illegal possession of firearms.

The Uniformed amid latent concerns about the increase in crime in the Big Apple reports having carried out 361 firearms arrests during the month of June, an increase in 99,4% compared to the same period of the previous year.

NYPD spokespersons say they continue to build long-term comprehensive cases against those who carry out violent acts with firearms, as shown by the most recent indictment of 81 positions in Brooklyn, after arrest a 14 suspected gang members in connection with 11 shooting incidents.

De Blasio defends the Safe Summer plan

Dermot Shea, NYPD commissioner highlighted this Tuesday, while showing crime statistics from last June, that they will continue with a special deployment in the hot months, but also with programs to stop violence in the communities most affected by the shootings.

“We are examining every act of violence, as well as the strategic use of overtime to increase police presence at critical times. At the same time monitor the latest crime trends to make the most of all our resources ”, highlighted the top police chief.

According to official NYPD numbers, last month, the number of murders and shooting incidents in New York City decreased compared to June 2020.

The murders decreased by 23.3% (33 vs. 43) while shooting incidents decreased by 19.5% (165 vs. 205).

Hours before the state president will announce his receta against criminal violence In New York, Mayor Bill de Blasio defended with his statistics the progress of the Safe Summer Plan 2021, presented a month ago.

“Already at the end of June we have seen some steps. We have had the ability to respond. We still have a long way to go after the perfect COVID-19 storm, but we can say that with the combination of precision surveillance and community investment, real progress has been seen, especially in two crucial categories: shootings and murders “pondered de Blasio.

The data:

  • 48.5% of gun violence is concentrated in hotspots in New York City, Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse and Long Island, according to initial data shared by the state.


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