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«Emerita Lvdica is the party that can grow the most in Mérida»

Pilar Amor, Merida Tourism delegate. / today

The delegate of Tourism, Pilar Amor, hopes that the Board issues the verdict on the Regional Tourist Interest at the end of summer

Antonio Gilgado

Emerita Lvdica will be held from May 23 to 29 and it will be a special edition because it will serve to assess whether it gets the declaration of Festival of Regional Tourist Interest. The City Council and the recreationists have already begun to prepare the programming.

The first step of the Tourism delegation is to open the registration period for the two Roman markets. One will be set up in the surroundings of the Temple of Diana and in this case historical rigor prevails. Only items that were sold in the markets of the colony in the first century will be able to be sold.

In Trajan’s arch there will be another. It is reserved for stalls without historical rigor but with an atmosphere according to the party.

Until May 10 they have those interested in selling at the Temple of Diana or at the Arch of Trajan. Just send an email to [email protected]. The bases can also be consulted on the municipal website. The City Council expects that there will be 15 positions in the Temple of Diana and up to a maximum of fifty in the Arch of Trajan.

Another relevant novelty. The route of the Sentia Amarantis cap is recovered. Tourism also wants the tapas to match what was cooked in the Roman colony. For this reason, all hoteliers who sign up will be offered training at the School of Hospitality by Pilar Caldera, curator and head of the Roman Museum’s Dissemination Department.

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An email has been opened for hoteliers interested in signing up for this training on Roman cuisine and ingredients. They can do it at [email protected].

The deadline is May 5. There will also be a contest at the School of Hospitality on May 10 and then the participating bars and restaurants will offer their tapas between May 23 and 29. Sentia Amarantis tapas will have a single price of five euros.

Pilar Amor spoke of an edition with many novelties that will grow in content. The City Council hopes that the Board will send a team of inspectors to verify that what they have presented in the file for the Festival of Regional Tourist Interest is fulfilled later on the street. The inspectors then have a period of three months to issue the verdict, although they do not usually exhaust the term. The City Council hopes that by the end of summer, at the latest, there will be a resolution.

“Emerita Lvdica is the party that can grow the most in Merida,” according to Pilar Amor. Recreationists are also working on that idea. That is why they are going to expand their staging in the next edition. They have also invited more associations from outside, so there will be more spaces for recreation and more rituals.

In the medium term, Tourism works with the idea of ​​a party with an official week but with events throughout the year. In this 2022 there are already events every few days. Last week, for example, there was a Roman fashion show and also a training of the legions in the hostel.

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