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Emerita Lvdica’s program will have more than 90 street activities in one week

The delegate Pilar Amor and the rest of the Sentia Amarantis jury. / Today

This year sixteen recreational associations come from outside Mérida, among which there are two from Italy and one from England

On Sunday 22 Emerita Lvdica starts. More than ninety activities have been scheduled by the organizers until Sunday the 29th. The thirteenth edition aspires to be the most participatory of all the visits to date. Pilar Amor, the Tourism delegate, confirmed this morning that there will be 16 associations from outside Mérida throughout the week. Two come from Italy and one from England, so he will be the Emerita Lvdica with the most international participation.

The program has also been agreed upon with the Consortium and the Roman Museum to maintain historical accuracy in popular events.

Preparations started in April. Celtiberians and gladiators began their training. Emerita Antiqva has also launched its Roman clothing workshops with Tulia. Every Wednesday at the MAM.

Next Saturday the 21st they kick off the performances with Ara Concordiae at the Museum at eleven o’clock at night. On Sunday the 22nd will be the first gladiatorial pomp at a quarter past six. Procession and parade of the participants in the training of the gladiatorial games. They will go from the MAM to the Temple of Diana. Already in the Temple, at seven, Lvdvs Antiqus will do its first training session with the public.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are dedicated to conferences in Santa Clara. At half past six. Gastronomy, coins and mosaics will be discussed in these scientific presentations. On Thursday afternoon the two markets open. One in the Temple of Diana and another in the Arco de Trajano and Valverde Lillo.

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At nine o’clock there will be a tour of the fire. It will recreate the itinerary of the founder of the city, Publio Carisio through the monuments. From the descent of the Roman Bridge to the Temple of Diana.

At ten o’clock on Thursday night, the official lighting ceremony of Augusta Emerita has been set. Then it will be the fvnvs of Ara Concordiae in the Casa del Mitreo. In this case, the rite of death is recreated with the exposition of the corpse, the traslatio, the song of the mourners, the lavdatio and the cremation.

Friday begins with the nominatio of the children in the Roman Theater. At ten o’clock in the morning the rite of choosing the names is staged. Twelve schools participate in this children’s festival. Then at one o’clock the rite of the young in the Temple of Diana. In this case we want to recognize the most outstanding young people in the city.

Friday afternoon is the usual entry of the Roman troops from the Roman Bridge. On Friday night the marathon of Roman rites begins in the Temple of Diana until Sunday. Religious ceremonies, dances, Celtiberian funerals, gladiatorial oaths or slave parades.

The gladiator fight, one of the most followed events, will be on Saturday at 7 in the Roman Amphitheater. Tickets must be obtained at the headquarters of the Consortium.

The Legio X military camp will be in the Alcazaba. It will open on Saturday and will show some of the heavy machinery carried by the legionnaires such as onager and catapult.

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