Tuesday, July 27

Emeritus Bishop Raúl Vera: “What we saw in the indigenous people, today all Mexicans live: the same segregation, the same oppression”

  • Marcos Gonzalez Diaz
  • BBC News Mundo correspondent in Mexico

Raul Vera


Bishop Raúl Vera retired in January after two decades at the helm of the Diocese of Satillo, Mexico.

Raúl Vera laughs when asked if he considers himself a revolutionary or a rebellious member of the Church, as many define him.

But listening to him passionately review his 75 years of life makes it clear that the work of the renowned Mexican bishop has not been that of just any religious.

His speech and action has always been on the side of the most vulnerable. He has actively supported migrants, farmers, and the LGBTI community. He has fiercely criticized the abuses of power and the violence of the drug traffickers, which has earned him many threats.

He also received calls from the Vatican. In the 1990s, he raised blisters among some cardinals in Rome for his tireless struggle so that the indigenous people of Chiapas had better living conditions in the midst of the uprising of the Zapatista movement.


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