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Emotional support and mindfulness for women with breast cancer

The Breast Area of ​​the Ribera health group provides 360 care to women with breast cancer, from the moment it is detected that a lesion may be malignant. The patient’s body and mind are the object of personalized, agile, close, efficient and humane attention., with the objective that clinically and personally, the patient knows and feels that her case is a priority for the multidisciplinary team that leads the Julia Camps.

Technology, diagnosis Quick, Psychological attention face-to-face and online, surgery oncoplastic and access to clinical trials and more revolutionary research are some of the keys to the Mama de Ribera Area.

The transversal and online program of this team, made up of 50 of the best professionals in breast pathologies, has facilitated the unification of healthcare processes and circuits, valid in all the Ribera group centers. Its professionals are the best in the diagnosis and clinical and surgical approach of patients, each one from their specialty, but with uniform criteria, as well as in the personal accompaniment of each case.

The Breast Area by Ribera is already implemented in the university hospitals of Torrejón and Vinalopó (Elche), at the Ribera Povisa Hospital (Vigo), and in the coming weeks at the Ribera Polusa Hospital (Lugo). In a later phase, the incorporation of other group centers such as Ribera Hospital de Molina (Murcia), Ribera Juan Cardona (Ferrol) and the Denia Hospital.

Ribera has taken a further step in the approach to breast cancer, betting on the mental health of his patients with a project together with Serenmind.

The best technology is the guarantee of a quick and early diagnosis, as shown the results of the contrast 3D mammography machine with which several of the Ribera hospitals have and which allows detecting lesions of up to four millimeters.

In addition, specialists in the Breast Area carry out pioneering techniques to reduce waiting times in suspected cases breast cancer, such as rapid biopsy.

Your bet on precision medicine it is also key to the clinical and surgical approach of each patient. For this reason, several months ago the genetic signature began to be performed in the first biopsy performed on the patient and not in the intervention, since many subsequent decisions depend on the result of this early study.

Oncoplastic surgery with nipple tattoo

It is also decisive in the present and the future of patients with breast cancer the surgical approach to pathology, and the Ribera group has consolidated its commitment and reputation around the oncoplastic surgery, with 80% of patients undergoing conservative surgery, and the speed and good results of reconstructive surgery, with nipple tattoo included, in cases where a breast reconstruction.

Finally, the recent signing of a strategic alliance between the Ribera Breast Area and the International Breast Cancer Center (IBCC) facilitates access to all patients in the healthcare group pioneering clinical trials and studies of revolutionary new drugs for the treatment of your breast cancer.

The Ribera Breast Area has radiologists, surgeons, pathologists and medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, nuclear doctors, plastic surgeons, gynecologists, and also with psycho-oncologists and Nursing personnel who manage each case, to accompany patients.

Psychological support and mindfulness

Now however Ribera has taken a further step in the commitment to the mental health of these patients, with a project that he will develop together with the startup Serenmind and that will allow to expand that emotional support for patients in the different phases of this pathology, with individual support and monitoring, 24 hours a day, thanks to the application of this technology, which will be prepared, together with the Breast Area team, materials adapted to each of the moments that these patients go through.

Thus, women will have access to audios, self-guided therapy sessions, mindfulness and relaxation techniques their own to meet the needs generated by their pathology, as well as statistics to monitor their own evolution and balance of acquired skills.

The project has already been approved by the Research Ethics Committee to carry out a multicenter study at the Torrejón University Hospital, Vinalopó University Hospital and Ribera Povisa Hospital, with the aim of analyzing its acceptability and preliminary efficacy.

The interhospital collaboration It is, in the opinion of those responsible for the Breast Area, “an unprecedented differential value in the panorama of the comprehensive approach to breast cancer in Spain”. The connection of the best specialists in each area involved in the process, whatever their referral hospital, “they confront ideas, share knowledge and clinical experience and unify approach criteria, according to the latest scientific evidence on breast cancer,” they assure.

Julia Camps: Corporate Head of the Breast Area of ​​the Ribera health group

Julia Camps: Corporate Head of the Breast Area of ​​the Ribera health group

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Valenciana in 1988. In 1994, she obtained the Specialty in Radiodiagnosis, after completing her training as Internal Resident Physician at the General University Hospital of Alicante. From February 2005 to May 2009, she served at the Hospital Universitario de la Ribera (Alzira) as Head of Radiodiagnosis. In May 2019, she joined the Torrevieja y Vinalopó University Hospital where she was appointed Head of the Corporate Service of the Breast Unit. During the years 2019 and 2020 she has been President of the European Society of Radiology (EUSOBI).

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