Illustration by Pilar Garcés

More than a decade ago, the Minister of Labor Fátima Báñez asked the Virgen del Rocío for help to get out of the crisis, and assures that it worked. His colleagues in the Interior Jorge Fernández Díaz and Juan Ignacio Zoido profusely decorated Cristos y Vírgenes for protecting the security forces better than any investment in materials and supplies. The rulers of the left rely on the holy trinity of empathy, sisterhood, and resilience as their forebears invoked help from beyond. It is not proven that it works neither one thing nor the other, but they take work. Against the excesses of the market, a pinch of empathy. To end sexist violence, sisterhood. To expand airports and pay for the moth-eaten projects that slept the dream of the just in a drawer, since at the time the business was to order them, a trickle of resilience and European funds. It sounds good, even if it is useless. Everything works before taking the bull by the horns and defending the citizens by means of a law whose text oozes bad milk, threats and hatred towards those who are brazenly stealing from us. A rule that does not speak of social empathy, but of energy poverty. A concept that was very much in vogue, and that has not disappeared. It is buried under tons of Kumbaya verbiage.