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Employment: What are the most demanded profiles in 2021?

Spain starts the year at the head of the European Union in unemployment figures. The economic situation of the country is still marked by the evolution of pandemic, which does not give truce. The continuous restrictions and measures to try to stop the spread of the virus directly condition thousands of positions of job. The hotel industry and commerce, directly, and other industries and auxiliary services, indirectly, are being severely affected with business closures, layoffs and ERTEs. Faced with this situation, unemployment lists continue to increase and there are millions job seekers right now.

Thinking of all these people, from iberempleos.es We highlight the vacant positions that are emerging at the moment. The start of the year highlights the need to qualified warehouse personnel and elderly care and children, especially.

Logistics, at the forefront of job creation

Since the beginning of the pandemic, logistics sector has seen its workload significantly increased. Hence, the creation of jobs in this area has been a constant in recent months.

Carretilleros, warehouse managers, administrative, replenishers, dealers, etc. are some of the most demanded profiles at the moment.

Elderly and child care

On the other hand, the care and attention to the elderly it has also experienced a more than remarkable increase. The delicate situation in nursing homes, as well as the closure of day centers, has made many families turn to qualified personnel to care for their loved ones. Therefore, they constantly claim nursing and geriatric assistants.

The same goes for the childcare. Many parents choose professionals to care for their children, while they work. In the case of babies, it is chosen babysitters to avoid day care centers and thus reduce the risk of contagion and contact with other children. In addition, the cessation of many extracurricular activities has also made some parents need help when it comes to picking up their children from school.

Trade and sales

On the other hand, the job offers for sales and business professionals. The delicate situation of many companies makes them focus their efforts on promoting their activity and getting new customers. Commercial profiles play a fundamental role here, and they must have specific training and proven experience in this area.

Therefore, if your professional profile responds to the requirements of the positions highlighted in this article, do not hesitate and register now in the iberempleos.es alert service. You will receive notifications of all the vacancies that are published related to your skills and you will get that job that will help you face 2021 full of optimism.


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