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#EmptyShelvesJoe, Network Users Annoyed Over Product Supply Chain Delays Tackle Biden

Cargo containers through the Port of Los Angeles this Wednesday.

Cargo containers through the Port of Los Angeles this Wednesday.

ROBYN BECK / AFP / Getty Images

Customers frustrated by the stagnation in the arrival of products to the United States from Asia have used the hashtag #EmptyShelvesJoe (Empty Shelves Joe) on social networks in reference to President Joe Biden and his Administration as a complaint.

The United States has been facing problems in the distribution chain that could extend into next year.

Tens of cargo ships containing hundreds of thousands of goods from China and other countries on that continent wait at the California dock while concern about supply shortages ahead of Christmas increases.

The situation has led to some chains such as Costco and Walmart even limit the sale of toilet paper in some areas.

Additionally, toy company CEOs are urging parents to buy holiday gifts for their children now to avoid disappointment on the official date.

In cyberspace, posts with the hashtag #EmptyShelvesJoe refer to the discomfort of consumers who do not get the products they are looking for or that they are at exorbitant prices.

Others argue that they have to go to the store to buy basic products every day instead of getting everything they need in one purchase.

This Wednesday, the president indicated that to tackle the problem, the port of Los Angeles, the largest in North America, will operate 24 hours a day.

“With the holidays on the way, you may be wondering if the gifts you plan to buy will arrive on time. I know you’ve been hearing a lot about something called the supply chain and how difficult it is to get a variety of things from a toaster to tennis shoes to bicycles to bedroom furniture, ”Biden said.

The official added that work until the night both in the port of Los Angeles as in Long Beach it will help streamline the delivery chain.

“This implies an increase in the hours of workers to move cargo from ships to trucks and for the wagons to reach their destination,” said the president.

“And more than that, nighttime work hours are critical to the movement of goods because the highways are less crowded at night,” added Biden. Financial entities anticipate that the problem will be complicated.

In a report this week, Moody’s predicts that the situation will “get worse before it gets better.”

“As the global economic recovery continues to gather steam, what is becoming increasingly apparent is how it will be hampered by the supply chain disruptions that are now popping up around every corner,” the firm wrote.

Several factors caused in principle by the effects of the pandemic complicate the scenario and the lack of global coordination.

“Border controls and mobility restrictions, the unavailability of a global vaccine pass, and pent-up demand from being stagnant at home have combined for a perfect storm in which global production will be hampered because deliveries are not done on time, costs and prices will increase and GDP growth around the world will not be as strong as a result, ”added Moody’s.

The shortage of containers and truckers it also affects the supply chain.


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