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Enea Clínica, aesthetic, capillary and gynecoesthetic medicine in Alicante

Teresa and Gracia, directors of Enea Clínica.

Teresa and Gracia, directors of Enea Clínica.

Enea arises from the union between Dr. Gracia Bañón (@ dra.graciabanon), specialist in Advanced Aesthetic Medicine, and influence Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo (@teresaandresgonzalvo), graduated in Nursing and International Business. The differentiating element of this clinic – which has just opened its doors in Alicante – is that the target of your treatments is not transformation, but achieve our best version in the most natural way.

Where did the idea for Enea come from? You affirm that it is not just another clinic …

Enea has been creating from our own conception of beauty and Aesthetic Medicine. We like the naturalness and harmony. It sounds like a cliché, but we consider that a person is more beautiful without knowing exactly which area has been treated.

So, do you run away from “trends” on an aesthetic level?

The fundamental pillar of Enea is not transformation, but to give the best version of oneself. We want to be part of people’s lifestyle and be the place where they can go in all phases of their life, either for an acne breakout, to reduce weight or cellulite, treat blemishes, expression wrinkles, urinary incontinence or even prevent hair loss.

One of the things that we have as a maxim in the philosophy of the clinic is to put aside aesthetic stereotypes: we flee from disproportionate lips and exaggerated features. The result is marked by the anatomy of the patient. The doctor is the one who diagnoses and the one who performs the treatment in order to reach the wellness of our users.

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You cover almost all areas and treatments at an aesthetic level. Was it difficult for you to decide the specialties?

Indeed, the clinic is based on integrating each and every one of our medical specialties: facial, body, gynecology, dermatology and trichology. It didn’t take us long to decide because our goal was create a comprehensive clinic where we could cover all areas that influence the quality of life of our patients.

We want to offer support and shake hands with people of all ages, both in early stages as in stages where the aging can be seen as the protagonist.

The center has treatments adapted to all phases of life

What is your main objective at the moment?

Our goal right now is to create a community where all the people who want to can feel really listened to and treated with dedication, form the «Enea Family». We would also like play an “educational” role, standardizing aesthetic medicine treatments and including them within a healthy lifestyle.

We do not seek conformism or comfort, we want learn and continue to grow professionally, and if something worries our patients, it also worries us. Our greatest satisfaction is the happiness we feel when solving their problems and achieve your well-being.

More information about Enea Clínica

To learn more about Enea, located at Avenida Historiador Vicente Ramos nº30, and all its treatments you can consult their website, follow them on Instagram (@eneaclinica) or call 644 004 138.

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