Thursday, May 19

England reaches the European Championship, finally, to the second final in its history

  • The inventor of football only played the 1966 World Cup, which he organized

  • At Wembley, back home, he prevented Denmark from giving another bombshell

It seems a lie, but the inventor country of football is going to play the second final in its long history. He only played the one 1966 World Cup, that he organized. It took 46 years to play one, and it has taken another 55 years to play the next. And it will be at home again. In his sacrosanct home in Wembley, where he has enjoyed the warmth of his own in five of the six matches of the tournament. He beat Germany in the last century in the old stadium. Italy, another illustrious name with a large record, much greater than the English Pyrrhic record, awaits you andl Sunday at 9 p.m. in the new.

Denmark was about to desecrate Wembley, taking the host to extra time, after having ended the long unbeaten (the first five games), which was the argument that supported the English bid for the very final. The Nordic team lacked more dynamite to destroy the English dream; had many more Southgate charges than Hjulmand, especially since he replaced Damsgaard and Dolberg, your best bomb squad.

Not fed up with wine would have replaced Southgate Sterling and Kane, authors of the 8 of the 10 goals in the tournament. And last night, of course. The English victory was so distressing and rushed that Denmark extended their illusion until extra time and Schmeichel saved Kane’s penalty in the first instance.

Damsgaard’s goal

England’s enormous achievement of having gone five games without conceding deserved to end with a goal like the one Mikkel Damsgaard scored, although it was not unstoppable. Did not deserve Simon Kjaer, the praised Danish captain, to have his name featured as the English scorer, after his exemplary role in Eriksen’s heart attack debut, in the minutes of British frenzy that rushed after conceding 0-1.

The boiling accelerated the local game to allow him to cross the Danish rear and beat him back a couple of times. Sterling finished off Schmeichel’s body in the first and Kjaer tried to prevent, unsuccessfully, the sure goal of the City winger, especially graceful with the goal throughout the contest.

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Data sheet

England: Pickford (6); Walker (6), Stones (5), Maguire (7), Shaw (6); Phillips (5), rice (5); Saka (5), Monte (4), Sterling (8); Kane (7). Technician: Gareth Southgate (6). Changes: Grealish (5) for Saka (c. 69); Henderson (5) by Rice (m. 95); Foden (6) by Mount (c. 95); Trippier (sc) by Grealish (d. 106). Pickford

Denmark: Flattery (8); Christensen (6), Kjaer (6), Vestergaard (5); Stéyger (5), Hojbjerg (6), Delaney (6), Maehle (5); Braithwaite (6), Dolberg (7), Damsgaard (7). Technician: Kasper Hjulmand (6). Changes: Stryger’s Wass (4) (c. 67); Poulsen (4) from Damsgaard (c. 67); Norgaard (5) from Dolberg (c. 67); Andersen (5) from Christensen (c. 79); Jensen (5) from Delaney (c. 88); Vestergaard wind (sc) (m. 105).

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Goals: 0-1 (m. 30), Damsgaard; 1-1 (m. 39), Kjaer; 2-1 (m. 104), Kane.

Referee: Danny Makkelie (5), Dutch.

Cards: Maguire (c. 49), Wass (c. 79).

Stadium: Wembley.

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